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What are Networks?

Today, the world has advanced in many different areas. Humans have invented many technologies to make their lives much easier than before. New technologies are being invented as we speak. One of these advancements includes networks. Networks have made the daily lives of human beings feasible. A network is basically an interconnection of two or more devices. Networks are used by devices and systems such as computers to communicate with other computer systems and also send and receive data. The biggest network in the entire world is the World Wide Web or simply the internet. The internet connects various other networks and devices around the world and allows them to communicate with each other.

Networks can be wired and wireless as well. A wired network is one which consists of wires to connect devices together to form a network. As of today, wires are one of the most common ways used by humans to create networks. But as technology has advanced over the years, networks now can also be created wirelessly meaning without the use of wires or any other physical connections. Devices such as smartphones connecting through Wi-fi are an example of wireless networks. Wi-Fi generally uses radio waves to transmit data from one device to another. Wireless networks allow humans to connect and communicate with other devices without the need of staying in one place.


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There are many types of computer networks. Local Area Network (LAN) is one of the most commonly used networks. It is generally used to connect computers and devices within a small area such as in the same buildings, offices, etc.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that covers an area larger than LAN but smaller the Wide Area Network (WAN) such as a town or a city.

Wide Area Networks (WAN) are used to connect devices over a very large geographical area. A WAN connects smaller networks like LAN’s across a very large area to form a single huge network. An example of the biggest WAN would be the internet.

Campus Area Network (CAN) is a network that is smaller than MAN. They usually consist of two or more LAN’s interconnected with each other. Such networks can be found in academic institutes with many campuses as these networks connect these campuses together.

Body Area Networks (BAN) are networks formed by connecting devices on an individual’s body. For example, a patient having sensors connected to their body. These devices transmit data such as blood pressure of the patient which helps doctors to check the health status of the patient.

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