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Programming Languages Assignment

Let’s be honest programming assignments are very frustrating. You are bound to make mistakes while making your assignments. People often spend so much time in completing programming assignments only to find out that it was not up to the mark as set by their teachers. There are many issues and problems that can lead to a bad assignment. Some are:

1. Lack of basic programming knowledge:

In order to master in making programming assignments, you need to understand each and every basic concept of the programming language that you are making the assignment of. Even if you find yourself having a bit of confusion in certain aspects of the programming language, it can easily hinder you in making your assignments.


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2. Syntax Errors:

Another common problem of making programming assignments is the fact that you make syntax errors at almost every couple of lines of the code. Syntax errors are caused when you don’t follow certain rules that define the combination of symbols and text that are considered to be structured correctly according to the programming language.
Even if you just forget to place a semicolon ‘;’ at the end of each line or misspell a function like “printf” as “prinft” then the whole program won’t run at all even though the rest of your code is all good. Imagine yourself doing a programming assignment of around a 1000 line of codes, but it doesn’t work just because you forgot to place a semicolon at the end of the line. Can you imagine that? Crazy, huh?


3. Multiple programming languages:

Every student that is studying programming needs to have knowledge of multiple programming languages and each programming language has its own syntax. Many students often get confused between the syntax of multiple programming languages because it’s almost the same. This results in students making a countless number of mistakes in their assignments and ultimately not get grades they worked hard for.



4. Lack of resources:

Not having the right resources can make it extremely hard for you to make your programming assignment. Finding information that can help you make your assignment can be a tough and time-consuming process. Many students fail because they are not able to submit their assignments on time.


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