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The Lost Art of Letter Writing Deserves to be revived

Letter Writing


If one think about it, it will be hard to remember the last time when actually someone sat down and wrote a proper hand-written letter. With the recent development in technology and all sorts of modern communication like text, email, Facebook, Skype and so many other modes of communication that are available people generally prefer the ones that requires the least effort.


At the same time it will be hard to deny the fact that, hand written letters that were addressed to one usually have a deep personal touch that is hard to get with modern form of communication. Writing a proper hand written page requires a lot of thinking as it is not a good idea to make too many corrections on the piece of paper, whereas while writing an email one can save as many drafts as he would like to. Majority of the people do agree up to some extent that the messages sent using latest technologies like email, SMS don’t have that personal touch whereas a hand written letter does give you a feeling of personal touch to it.


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 Nowadays it has become a necessity for business to communicate in fast and efficient environment that can only be possible with the help of latest technologies. Though relying on hand written letters will not only take more time in writing and getting approved from seniors but at the same time it will be more costly.




However one must not forget the personal touch and emotional attachment that can be delivered by writing a hand written letter, either in businesses or for personal use.


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