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Brief History of Australia

History means the study of life in the past, especially about the human beings and events that occurred. A few people feel that studying history has no significance. However, the fact is that history truly has a huge effect on our lives. We study history because we need to learn from the mistakes that we made in past that caused many disastrous outcomes. This helps us to find solutions in order to prevent such unpleasant events from occurring again. We are also able to predict our future and help create it.

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Australia and its people have a very rich and abundant history. The native Australians are accepted to have first touched base on the Australian territory via ocean from Southeast Asia which now involves Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and the Philippines between 40,000 to 70,000 years ago. Since the Australian Aboriginals arrived in Australia through the ocean, they are considered as one of the first mariners of the world.

They were mostly hunters and gatherers. Therefore, their source of food was generally comprised of hunting animals and gathering nourishment. The spiritual traditions, music, and art developed by native Australians are one of the oldest in human history. Signs of Aboriginal Australian art can be dated back to no less than 30,000 years.


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Around the time the first Europeans arrived in Australia, it has been determined that the local populace was about 350,000 but other research indicated that the population may have been composed of about 750,000 individuals.

Most of the natives lived in the eastern and southern parts of Australia with the population of natives in other areas of Australia were found to be comparatively quite less. The oldest human remains of native Australians were discovered in New South Wales and these remains showed signs of one of the oldest cremations in history, which lead researchers to believe it to be the earliest religious rituals performed by human beings.

The arrival of native Australians contributed to many changes in the continent as the extinction of many of the large animals that once roamed Australia was believed to be caused by the Australians Aboriginals along with climate change.

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Willem Janszoon, a Dutch navigator, is considered to be the first European to set foot in Australia in 1606. Later in the 17th century, 29 Dutch navigators explored the southern and western coasts of the continent and gave it the name “New Holland”. Many other Europeans came to explore Australia until 1770 when a British navigator known as Lieutenant James Cook declared the east coast of Australia for Britain and the British colonized many parts of Australia. The local population of Australian Aboriginals declined dramatically due to conflicts with the colonists and also by various diseases.


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