Victorian Parliament’s Parlynet Project Analysis


Parlynet is the information technology software which is used throughout the state and links the entire major functional elements of the Victorian Parliament. In June 2002 it was decided to upgrade the software, the project was known as Parlynet 2002 Project. It was rolled out in November 2002, few months after the implementation, the complaints regarding the speed and the performance of the Parlynet. Therefore, the audit was done to check the fault in the system.

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Identification and Analysis of Issues

The Parlynet 2002 Project was not successful due to the shortfalls in the project management. Therefore the identifications have been made on the parts of the projects which have either been neglected or poorly managed. The identified areas are project integration, scope of the project, cost involved in the project, time, quality of the project, human resource of the project, communication in the project and also the project’s risk management. Below is the detailed analysis of the project and also how the situations have been saved.


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Analysis of Project Integration

Project integration is the process which involves the coordination with all the knowledge areas. It is very important to have good project integration in order to have a success in the project however the project integration was missing in the Parlynet Project. The project was just started without any planning and project integration is the important part of the planning. The project integration involves project charter, project management plan, project execution, monitor and control, perform change control and last close the project. (Tesch, Debbie, Timothy Kloppenbourg, and John Stemmer. 2003) Except project execution, none of the other tasks were performed. The project charter is important as it involves the project background and justification of the project. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and project sponsor, which were missing. The IT manager along with the steering committee should have planned a project charter before the start of the project as it would have helped them in gaining the direction of the project and also understanding the outcome of the project.


Analysis of Scope of the Project

Scope of the project is the work involved in creating the products of the project and also the processes for the same. ( Armstrong, Dan. 2004). In Parlynet Project the scope was not defined clearly. The project scope includes what all to be involved and what not to be involved however the Steering Committee did not restricted the scope and had lot of segments involved in the project because of which the project became very large. The project was started without the clear understanding of the requirements in the project and also the involvement. A good project Scope management will involve project charter, requirement documentation and policies and procedures related to the scope. However, as mentioned earlier, all these points were missing. In fact the project scope statement was not made at the planning stage. The scope statement should have been made which would have included realistic scope which would have been completed successfully or the bigger task should have been broken into smaller projects (Nicholas, J M. 1989) and involve the users in the project team to help the project team make realistic and achievable goals. Also the meeting which was just conducted once should have been done more frequently so that the better understanding the scope statement was made more specific and clear.

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Author: Chris