A system to Record and Report Cyber Crimes

Internet and computers have changed working, communication, meeting and business requirements and conditions all over globe. Due to this high profile technology, everyone can share any activity that was unexpected and unimaginable few decades back. It was the imagination of people that they will live their lives in this manner and do their business quickly and imagination and dream has come true with the introduction of internet only. Modern society is now associated with internet and related technologies, over a quarter of the world’s population is wired into the net  and this number is growing every day .

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The importance of business and daily routine life cannot be imagined without internet, it is a source of enjoyment in terms of games, movies, songs, social chatting, and communication, ideas sharing, education and so on. In reality, no one can rebuff importance on internet these days in any part of life .

Although, it is a great invention by human but as all know that everything has two sides, one is bright and other one is dark. Internet also has a dark side as well. Through evolution of internet, certain crimes have been developed into new forms of crimes and new ways to commit old forms of crimes. There was no phishing, hacking, and malware attacks before internet in the world, but currently, frauds, theft and terrorism activities have been shaped into cyber crimes these days .

It is a big advantage of internet that users can enjoy full time secrecy with little danger of being traced and identified. On other side, internet is a sort of magnet for all types of common cyber criminals. Recently, in a survey conducted by Symantec found that 65% of internet users had victimized phishing attacks, malware attacks, hacking of social-networking profiles etc. Now, Cybercrime has become a wide lucrative criminal industry and it is generating almost US$ 100 million annually. With this figure, it can clearly be imagined that internet crime is increasing with an alarming growth rate .


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UNICRI is a prominent institute because it is working hard to achieve better understanding and observation regarding cybercrimes for the purpose of suggesting and formulating situational policies, straggles and development of security systems and techniques. These steps are supporting and enhancing capabilities of those people who are directly or indirectly involved in the process of preventing cybercrimes .

There are several words and terms used interchangeably like computer crime, cybercrime, I.T crime and high-tech crime to refer two sorts of crime. In the first crime, target is computer such as attack on network confidentiality, integrity or availability. The term can be further refined as unauthorized access to data and programs for illicit tempering .

There are several questions that come in mind that how middle-east countries can develop laws and systems to record and prevent cyber crimes. This research is basically done to understand references of Islamic laws about computer crimes because when there will be no specific law related to cyber crimes with strong Islamic references then it is non-feasible to develop a system for recording and documenting these crimes in Islamic countries. Islamic countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Iran and Dubai cannot run any campaign and develop a system when they are unable to punish and defend people and society legally on only ethical grounds. The question is raised in the research that what is the importance of a system to record and implement cyber or computer related crimes these days. This research is the answer of all questions related to cyber crimes and related issues in Middle-east and particularly Saudi-Arabia where ratio of these crimes is highest .

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