Gloria Jeans Coffee Business Report


Gloria Jean’s Coffees is among the privately owned and operated Australian company, the company started its operation in Australia in 1996, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has experienced exponential growth, resulted in becoming the largest specialty coffee retailer and one of the fastest growing franchise organisations in Australia and worldwide.

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Since January 2005, Gloria Jeans has held the international master franchise brand along with roasting rights globally. The coffee company has more than 881 coffee houses in 39 countries including over 466 in Australia, Gloria Jean’s Coffees sells hand crafted espresso coffee drinks, signature espresso based cold drinks, a range of blended and estate whole bean coffees and specialty teas, along with pastries and coffee accessories.



Implementation of new Innovation

For any organization to be effective it needs to focus on the organization’s objectives and motivations. Creating the overall value and outcomes of digital innovation are more important for organizations like Gloria Jeans than another, based on its particular situation.

For Gloria jeans their objectives and motivations vary as compare to other organizations/competitors in the market mainly because of what they has to offer. A proper customized digital innovation system for Gloria Jeans will be based on completely different content and style, and incorporate different aspects with different emphasis, focused on the core values of Gloria Jeans.


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Organizational Procedures

For companies like Gloria Jeans, specially when operating on global levels involve almost the same amount of managerial and political issues, that ultimately requires the same amount of consideration and coordination from all departments (Desouza, 2009).

Innovation for any organization constitutes part of the system that produces it. The overall system is itself ‘organization’ or ‘organizing’, along with the ability of an organization like Gloria Jeans to innovate would be a pre-condition for the successful utilization of inventive resources and new technologies.


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