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What is Stress?

Stress is very common these days in people of all ages especially students. Parents and teachers expect the best from the students. Anything below an ‘A’ grade is considered bad and as a result, this expectation puts a whole new level of pressure on the students which stresses them out. Stress can cause students to lose focus on their studies and result in poor academic performance. Every other day, students are required to complete assignments such as essays, case studies and other research work which puts an extra load on the students and if the students fail to submit their assignments on time they are usually given an ‘F’ grade by their teachers.

Stress is a growing problem among students and according to a mental health study conducted in 2008, every 8 in 10 students suffers from stress caused by academic pressure. Symptoms of stress include lowering of the immune response, chronic muscle tension, and increased blood pressure. These symptoms can lead to a number of diseases such as heart attacks, kidney failures, and cancer.


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How can you relieve stress ?

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Why ?

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How to get started?

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