Athletic Cycles Strategic Plan


One of the world’s fastest, healthy, environment friendly and cheapest means of transportation is cycling. It not only reduces pollution to provide care free environment, but also improvises human health by burning massive amount of calories. By keeping the same benefits in mind, the chosen business for the assignment is a new brand of bicycles called “Athletic cycles“.

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Athletic cycles consists of a workforce over 40 employees, having outlets in all the major cities around Australia. The major feature of Athletic bicycles is that it has a sensor installed in it which automatically changes gear according to the weight of the cyclist. Although the cycle also has a meter to set the gear manually according to the weight and age of the cyclist but its automatic function is specially designed keeping the calorie burning process in mind for people of all age.



Athletic Zone Z-5

Athletic Zone Z-5 will be equipped with 1.5 HP motor and provides users an exceptional value. This cycle will be especially manufactured for all the busy people, who want to see themselves fit and strong. This Z-5 will have thin tire with fluid break systems on it that can go to the maximum speed of 15km along with 2 health programs to keep the users healthy and to make them relaxed.


Zone Z-5+

Zone Z-5+ is the other Athletic cycle that will have an added value. This Z-5+ cyc;e will be manufactured for all the men and women who want to stay fit and good looking, as it will have a meter on it, that will indicate how much fat they have burned in last week, 15 days and monthly records as well. This cycle will have 2.5 HP motor and with the maximum speed of 20km along with up to 4 health programs. It also contains calories calculator and heart rate sensor.

This cycle will not just provide number of features but a lifetime warranty of its body and 5 year complete warranty with the money back guarantee up to 5 years.


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Company’s Vision

“To become the first choice by creating innovative health and fitness cycle products that provide absolute health & fitness solutions for all”

Mission Statement

With unique range of cycles, we aspire to provide multi-purpose Athletic Cycles which can keep people absolutely fit and to provide them with excellent health benefits. Our mission is to spread our health & fitness products throughout Australia.

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Author: Chris