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Woolworths Limited owns Woolworths Supermarket which is one of the top supermarkets in Australia. Woolworths is currently operating 980 stores across Australia and since after its inception, the company has been performing proactively keeping a watch out for competition. For this reason, it kept on acquiring other grocery brands and supermarket giants and kept on expanding Woolworths as a brand.


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The company was mainly known for its grocery items as well as items like stationary, DVDs, magazines, etc. However, Wesfarmers, a leader in hardware retail space was dominating the market. Woolworths, acting as proactively as it could, decided to enter into hardware market as well. According to one of the laws in 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, it’s better to be first in the mind rather than first in the market. Therefore, Woolworths considering that since it dominated the grocery space it had that place in consumer’s minds, hence it could also dominate the hardware space even if Wesfarmers came in the market first.


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