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 Finance is course, which constitutes a vital part of business studies. Any business degree, whether under graduate or post graduate is considered incomplete without having studied few finance courses. Normally students start off with basic finance courses such Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance in their initial semesters, and then later on move towards more difficult courses such as Advanced Financial Management. A lot of times students are more inclined towards courses which spark their level of creativity such as Marketing or Advertising and they tend to run away from Finance courses. However, if you end up running your own business knowing finance is something that will come in handy.  For instance, imagine you are starting your own business, you will have to consider how much initial investment will be required. Then you will have to figure out where that money will come from. How much of your own money do you want to invest? How will you seek investors and how much share will they have in your company? It is also important to figure out after how long will you break-even and after how many years you will start making profit. All these things cannot be known without having understanding of finance. This is the reason why students are expected to learn about finance and get a grip on it. Even if you are pursuing a career in different field, it’s always important to have a basic know-how. Therefore, students come across many finance courses and many assignments that comes with them. Assignment Studio is a premium company with Finance experts on board who help out students to fulfil their project needs and attain good scores.


Finance Assignment Help

Business valuation

Business valuation, as the name suggests is a way to determine the value of a business. Value is considered in monetary terms and it is usually of importance for stakeholders as well as owners. If you thinking to invest in a business, you’ll simply want to know what monetary value will it bring to you? Also, you would not want to invest somewhere which will result in loss. Similarly, owners of a business while expanding their business into different areas analyse what value the expansion will bring.


Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial finance, as mentioned above comes in handy when you’re starting your own business. A start-up has to realize where the money will come from, where it will be allocated and what would it result into in future. This area of finance is taught to students to encourage them for starting something of their own.


Stock valuation

Stock valuation is an area which taught in almost all the finance courses. From basic to more advanced way of studying, stock is of importance to all those studying finance. Areas such as time value of money, cash flow method and price to earning ration and taught to students to have better understanding of stocks. Our teams of writers at Assignment Studio have in-depth knowledge of stock valuation and we can fulfill all the assignment related needs of our clients.


Public finance

Companies not only have to consider their own finance, but they also need to keep a check on a macro environment such as what the government is doing. Measures taken by the government in the area of finance are also of interest and should be taken under consideration while developing financial policies of a company. Economic growth, price stability, equal distribution of income are all areas of public finance and students are often required to submit term projects revolving around these areas.


Risk and return

Risk is a part of business and sometimes it become inevitable to avoid it. However, there is reckless risk taking and then there is calculated risk. Companies and business owners are expected to take calculation risk, as they cannot always play safe. However, there are ways in finance, which teaches us how to reach that level and how to avoid major loss.


Risk management techniques

There are different techniques which allow companies and individuals to manage a calculated amount of risk Avoidance:  Simply avoiding the action which can led a company directly to a risk Zone Reduction:  Cutting down on the activity which is more likely to result in risk such as closing down a non-profitable outlet

Transfer:  Transfer or getting insured against that risk Acceptance:  Accepting the little amount of risk in one area to manage more profit in another.

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Insurance is the most apt way of securing yourself from any unforeseen risk. Companies and individuals get themselves insured against various areas such as business insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance and the likes. Assignment Studio has a team of writers who can cover all areas from theory to numerical.


Ratio analysis

Ratio constitutes often the most interesting part of Finance. There different ratios such as Liquidity Ratios, Debt Analysis ratios, profit ratios and so on which helps determine the present and future standing of a company. Stakeholders and investors are interested to find out these ratios in order to know whether they should invest in the firm or not. A company’s ration are then analysed against industry standards and high or low ratio are then interpreted to pass conclusion. Assignment Studio writers are well aware to all the ratios and can provide excellent assignment help for students.



Forex is an area when companies are seeking global expansion or getting into international markets. Forex then come in handy to determine the current market price of a specific currency in relation to others. Forex is normally taught in courses such as international finance as the likes and our team at Assignment Studio can aid students in this area.


Merger and acquisition

Merger and acquisition is a terminology many of us are aware of. However, when a firm is going through this phase in real it has to consider a lot of different aspects. For example acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook resulted into many defined policies such as Whatsapp remaining an ad free app. These decisions are normally made before two firms enter into such agreement and then implement as the operations start.


Futures & Options

 Derivatives are a key part of finance, which obtain their value by underlying. These derivatives are either over the counter or underlying and another broader term for these is futures and options. Whether to opt for Future or Option is between buyer and seller. This is mainly considered a more advanced level of finance and our team of experts at Assignment Student have ample command in this area to never disappoint our clients.  


Categories of Finance where you can take our assistance

  1. Corporate Finance:  Corporate Finance is a niche just dedicated for corporations. For example if a renowned companies need to take a loan from a bank then finance managers will determine the capital cost of structure. It is often considered a difficult course and students tend to face problems while finishing corporate finance assignments. Therefore, Assignment Studio has a team of excellent writers and can provide with top notch quality of work,
  2. Behavioral Finance:. This area is all about learning how your investor is thinking and what will make him trust your business for investment. You can log on to explore our online finance assignment help to learn more about the help we provide in this area.
  3. International Finance:  As mentioned earlier, it’s all about exploring area of finance in international markets. Since our writers come from all over the world they know the diversity required in this segment of finance and they also come with ample know how of forex exchange and policies.
  4. Personal Finance:  Personal finance is an area where companies need to know what they to keep for safeside when the time of need arise. It is basically safe-keeping for future circumstance. Personal finance are also directed towards individuals and hence problems vary from basic to difficult. Assignment Studio writers are well aware of this area and can solve student assignments with dedication and effort.
  5. Financial Theory:  Every finance course comes with a little of theory. Our writers are not only technical but they are creative writers as well who can build up any theoretical assignment.


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We provide online assignment help which is not only reliable but comes at a highly affordable price. Students are normally dubious before assignment there finances projects to someone else, as the solution is unknown to them. However, we can assure you that our writers double check the work and never fail to please the clients. Whether you are enroll in under grad, masters or a post grad program, we have writers for all levels and all finance courses.

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