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What exactly is Computer Programming ?

The art of computer programming has become one of the most leading jobs in the modern world. Computer programming is an important skill to learn in this modern world where technology has made a countless number of advancements. Most of the technology uses some type of programs in order to function. Programming is the process of writing programs which are a set of instructions that tell the computer what tasks to perform and when to perform them and the person who writes programs is called a programmer. For example, the smart phones that you use today and the applications that you run on it are all developed by programming.

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Computers only understand one language which is known as machine language and it is considered as a low-level language. This machine language consists of binary digits (0 and 1) which correspond to the on and off signals in computers. Since humans cannot understand low-level languages like machine language, therefore, many high languages have been developed in order to help us communicate with computers.


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High-level languages are in the form of words from the English language, which when compiled are translated into low-level machine language so can the computer can understand it and carry out tasks. If it weren’t for high-level languages, it would be very difficult for us to work with computers. Some examples of high-level languages include Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, and FORTRAN. The first high-level language was FORTRAN which was developed in 1957.


Programming can be a very difficult task because programmers need to have knowledge about not one but various other programming languages. The problem is that each programming language is quite different from others as they have their own syntax. The syntax is basically the order of letters and symbols which the programming language deems as correct. Programming can also be frustrating at times because even if you miss one letter or symbol, your entire program won’t work even if the rest of your program is flawless.


With the help of computer programming, technology in the modern era has reached new heights. For example, it has helped humans create robots that have minds of their own. These robots can solve complex problems and make decisions on its own without any help from humans and this field of programming is known as artificial intelligence. There have been so many developments in technology due to programming that has helped make the lives of humans much easier and allowed them to accomplish many things.


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