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All You Need To Know About CDR Reports As Engineering Students

Knowing Australia for such a long time, one cannot say that it’s just about fancy beaches and royal gardens but also where students fleet in for education and employment purposes contributing towards brighter future. The evidence can be seen through a survey that was carried by University of Pennsylvania and BAV Consulting in 2017, stating Australia as the fourth best country in the field of education; offering the quality of education one can obtain from Australian education facilitating centers, schools and universities.


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Engineering is the field that is considered as the most popular courses being offered in Australia. Large number of students migrate to Australia every year for this purpose to study engineering from a well-reputed institute. Some of the most recommended institutes for engineering in Australia includes University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and University of Queensland. One can easily get into these institutes by following a systematic upfront procedure but getting employed after their education is quite worrisome and alarming. For overcoming this phase one must be prepared for CDR; abbreviation for Competency Demonstration Report.

Therefore, considering Australia as a dream destination for education and employment; provided engineering is your majors and area of interests, it becomes mandatory for you to have adequate knowledge about CDR. For that reason, this blog is going to be a great platform where you can find and explore everything related to this area.

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What is CDR?

As previously mentioned what CDR stands for , here we are going to give a detailed explanation of CDR that might answer all your questions. The applicants eligible for CDR are the ones who are not members of Sydney, Washington or Dublin Accord and are non-natives, basically immigrants around the world residing in Australia. Hence, this CDR report will be a great help for them as it’s an amalgamation of various documents that are focused towards engineering skills, taking English language knowledge as core basis, managed by the Institute of Engineers Australia.

CDR becomes obligatory when a person desires to migrate as an Engineer to Australia. For that purpose, your report should be in accordance and acquiescence with all the specifications that are mentioned in the Migration Skills Assessment handout published by Engineers Australia who solely have the responsibility of handling and hiring non-native engineers for the country.

CDR report comprises of the following documents that needs to comply:

  • Application form of CDR
  • Attested and signed copy of the report which is solely written by yourself
  • Attested scanned copy of the academic record
  • Copy of your resume
  • Listing in CPD (Continuing Profession Development)
  • Copy of English test results, IELTS
  • Any 3 reports of Career Episodes
  • Summary of your skills, abilities and competencies based on CDRs

In order to get your report processed, all of the above mentioned documents need to be valid and systematically ordered. Any discrepancies in this regards can result in rejection of the application.

Additional documents that are supposed to be attached includes certification of your academic qualification with transcript and a recent passport sized picture. All the information should be in English; if not, it needs to be translated in English and then attached.

The main purpose of the CDR report is ensuring that competent engineers get approved through the system by conducting and scrutinizing on the basis of proper assessment of engineering qualifications. As Engineers Australia emphasizes a lot on this report, therefore on needs to be very vigilant while filling out all the requirements.


Things you need to qualify for CDR?

In order to qualify yourself for CDR report, one should acquire post-graduation with the required GPA (as mentioned on the EA website) in engineering field from a well renowned institution. Moreover, relevant work experience required for writing comprehensive career episodes; which also should be focused in the engineering field. In addition to this, one should have taken IELTS or TOEFL exam to be well-informed in English which acceptable by Australia.


How to write a Proper and Professional CDR report?

The most important and relevant part of the CDR report is the career episode reports which is supposed to be written solely by you; therefore, one should utilize all their abilities to structure the finest written reports. One cannot compromise on the career episode reports by submitting a poorly structured report which in turn increases the chances of rejection resulting in not being an engineer in Australia. Therefore, this part of the report will provide a guideline on how to structure these career episodes.


What is a career episode?

A career episode report (CER) comprises of a brief description of relevant work experience in the engineering field that was attained by the applicant. Work experiences can be achieved from career counselling sessions, on the job training, educational training or any sort of employment record that is significant to engineering field. The report requires written description on 3 of the career episodes, therefore one should choose field specific and noteworthy contributions relevant to engineering that must be explicit and remarkable in one’s life. These contributions should be well-versed and backed up with hands on experience and action based learning in the field of engineering, showing the applicable side of academics into practical implementation for effective outcome. All these tactics will result into a virtuous CER for CDR report.

Importance of Word count for each career episode

Career episodes are not bounded to specific word count that needs to incorporated, instead they are more towards open ended style structure. Therefore, it is supposed to be well-structured and well defined with clear explanation for each of the episodes. The minimum to maximum range for word limit is somewhere in between 1000 to 2500 words for each episode, giving applicant more room to express their learning. So it’s better not to use technical terminologies and should rather focus on clear detailed writing perspective for career episodes.


What is the format of a career episode?

Each of the career episodes comprises of various sections for clarification and each of the sections are circumscribed to certain word count. The format that should be followed for writing CER is given below, divided into the following sections:

  • 100 words for Introduction
  • 200-500 words for Background
  • 500-1000 words for Action Based Engineering Assignment
  • 50-100 words for Summary


The next part of the report which is focused towards the writing style for each of the sections of your CER are discussed in the next segment of the blog.

What should be written in each section of a career episode?

Each of the sections of the CDR report should be carefully written in order to avoid chances of application rejection. Formation, composition and structure for each of the sections are explained in the paragraphs below.


  1. Introduction

The introduction should be composed in simplistic terms, to the point and concise serving as an introductory incidence leading to further discussion. Therefore, it should take into consideration the following elements while writing introduction:

  • It should include the exact duration for each of the career episodes, beginning and termination dates
  • Clearly mention the location of each of the career episodes; name of the city, country, state one was working in
  • Name of the organization or company where the applicant was working should be mentioned
  • State the designation of the applicant in that specific organization.


  1. Background Information

The title background information is many times misunderstood with introduction whereas in actuality, it is quite different. Introduction part is about giving a brief description of the topic whereas background information sets the contextual tone for one step further providing a strong perspective to the career episode. Hence, the components that should be included in the background information while dong the career episodes includes the following:

  • Explaining the nature of the engineering project
  • Mentioning the objectives of the project
  • Enlightening the work environment of the project
  • Hierarchical representational chart and project relevance to the company
  • Explanation of the responsibilities in context to the project


  1. Personal Engineering Task/Activity

The most important part of CDR is where action based engineering assignment is written, this has to be done very carefully. Taking an example of essays where there’s a three tired structure based on heading, body and conclusion. The same structure is used in action based engineering assignment where a detailed presentation of the task is to be done, making a clear distinction of your role and the actions incorporated towards the completion of the project showing its significance to the company. The following pointers should be considered in this step:

  • Application of knowledge and skills to practical situations
  • Approaches used to complete the assignment
  • Obstacles faced while conducting the assignment and its management
  • Applicant’s noteworthy involvement towards the assignment



Summary is the last segment of the CDR report where the applicant needs to summarize the assignment that was allotted using appropriate Australian English, writing their perspective about how well they handle the task, including the strengths and weaknesses that they went through during the completion process. Moreover it also includes, explaining the competencies that were incorporated towards the processing stage of the assignment following the ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) code.


What should you write your career episode on?

This is the part that confuses most of the engineering students when they start writing career episodes as it complicates them in choosing the supporting evidence. It is very important to choose the most appropriate episode which makes the whole report meaningful, else all the efforts will go in vain. Therefore, one must consider the following classifications in order to have a clear understanding in the selection process, removing all sorts of confusions:

  • An explicit task that you accepted and solved while studying engineering courses
  • One of the successful projects that you handled independently or collaboratively
  • The status you attained in an organization
  • A tangible problem related to engineering that you were able to resolve solely


Consultation of experts is another option to avail for searching more ideas related to career episodes. We have couple of engineers that are expert in this field and are willing to sort you out with proper guidelines for your CDR report.

What are things you should do when writing your CER?

As already explained, you must be aware of all the things which should be avoided while writing career episodes. Appropriate English language is the most essential thing to be considered while writing; it should be grammatically correct and well structured, avoiding all the possible spelling mistakes, factual errors, unnecessary exaggeration, grammatical and punctuation errors, etc. If there is still some confusion regarding this, you should keep in mind the following pointers while writing CER:

  • Showing your exceptional communication and writing skills
  • Ensuring that you acquire adequate engineering knowledge through application of appropriate concepts
  • Emphasizing your personal contribution towards the entire project or assignment
  • The writing style for career episodes should be in first person as it’s a personal application form; excessive use of I, me, etc.
  • Highlighting complicated situations in engineering tasks that you recognized and solved
  • Numbering of career episodes is important and should be paragraphed properly

Once you have followed this guide carefully, there are very less chances of failures/rejections. Following all the instructions mentioned above thoroughly will help you in the making of your competency demonstration report accurate. Still, if you get caught anywhere in between, please feel free to contact us, we have experts that are always ready to help you with all their willingness.


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