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What Are the Major Engineering Fields on Which Assignment Studio Offer CDR Writing Help in Australia?

As previously stated, we comprise of a diversified team of experts that belong to various engineering fields for solving and assisting applicants for different specialized areas. Our writers are professionally experienced as they have year’s long experience in writing CDRs, which makes it quite easy for them to understand the requirements for composing a captivating CDR. Our experts compose and structure CDRs for each of the following engineering fields for providing assistance to the applicants:

  • CDR Writing Help
  • CDR for Civil engineering

Civil engineering is a field where people from different countries are willing to join as it’s a growing aspect and people around the world wants to join this industry in Australia. For that purpose, a number of civil engineers are applying for work permits in Australia for various designations in civil engineering field. Therefore, we have experts who are well acquainted with the skills to write CDRs for civil engineers to assist them in the process. Our experts are well-versed with various topics, keeping in mind civil engineering as the major field such as aerodromes water supply, hydraulic, roads, bridges, building and other construction systems. Hence, our experts assist the applicants with the incorporation of construction systems, strategies to adopt, maintaining quality standards, drawing & structuring plans, developing contracts, and verification & certification process in the CDR process.

  • CDR for electrical engineering (including the control, power, electronics and communication)

Electrical engineering is a growing field and engineers from Asian countries are willing to apply for skilled migration to Australia. For that purpose, all the people from different countries need to structure their own CDRs reflecting their skills in the concerned field and submit it. Reflecting skills is a bit challenging aspect as they have to describe their competencies in electrical engineering focusing on the automation, industrial electrical, electronic circuits, satellite, digital control systems, telecommunications, television specializations. Taking an example of a six years experienced electrical engineer applying for Australia migration have to submit their CDR, should explain all the related areas of expertise in detail, describing their competencies with practical examples. In this regards, our professional experts who structure CDRs for electrical engineers in Australia makes sure to study and analyse the data gathered by the applicants regarding the history of company they worked, with facilities provided to them, electrical equipment’s and technical reports of engineering. All these sources help our experts to conduct calculations and analysis for organizing the supply of the all the essential electrical spare parts so that they can display the potentials and strengths of candidates creatively in CDR.



Our experts focuses on conducting initial surveys of mineral deposits from the applicants for structuring CDRs for mine engineers. These surveys help our experts to know about the applicant’s performance regarding the field through utilizing appropriate methods of extraction; to reflect on factors such as physical characteristics of deposits, safety for mine walls, evaluating the risk of slippage, defining safety measures, developing strategies for precautions, operational management in mining on the basis of formal and informal reviews of the mine. All these factors will assist our experts to analyse the competencies of the applicants, which can be used for reflecting their expertise and knowledge in the process of structuring CDRs. There are a number of documents that remain same for all the engineering fields while submitting CDRs but at some time, there exists some variation when dealing with different engineering fields. For that purpose, we have experts of various areas to understand the depth of the area and then write a CDR report as our experts are well acquainted with the regulations of their area of specialization in the Skill Assessment process.

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Our services in CDR orders from Australian engineers are greater in frequency for these three above mentioned specialized areas of Engineering, are considered the most prominent ones. Moreover, we have expanded our services in other areas of expertise as well and are receiving requests for CDR help; those engineering fields are listed below:

  • CDR for Mechanical engineering
  • CDR for Industrial engineering
  • CDR for Bio Medical Engineering

We have also attached our CDR report samples on our official website for applicants to review them before placing an order, so that they are well aware about the quality of work we are offering. We have also provided the option to download these samples to applicants so that they can utilize our resources for reference if needed. These samples can help them in understanding the structure of CDR, formatting, arrangement of all the required documents, and presentation styles, etc.


Mechanical Engineering Technologists, ANZSCO 23391429 Engineers Australia

Compare to other occupation, in Australia it requires the considerable number of mechanical engineering technologists; ANZSCO 23391429 along with other engineers a well. However, in order for students to be able to apply for a skilled migration visa, they need to have a positive CDR Reports that will further testify their knowledge and skills in the respective fields of operation. 


Benefits for Students When They Avail Our CDR Writing Services in Australia?

We are well-known in the market for about a decade now, and people are well aware with the name, as we have been providing CDR facilities to many applicants in Australia. It’s a place where applicants can get all their problems sorted in terms of CDR, we have our experts working on the changing demands of the applicants and providing them with the desired outcome. Applicants are also giving us priority over other professional writers because of the quality services we are offering in CDR structuring, and providing them the assurance of success in the applicant’s process of selection for immigration assessment.


  • Unlimited revision guarantee

In order to satisfy the applicants with our services, we ensure their satisfaction for our work by providing them unlimited editing and revising offers. We accept all types of revision requests from our applicants to the point where they are finally satisfied with CDR report. Our main objective is to gain customer satisfaction in our services, which is attained by giving our writers the responsibility to revise the content and send it across the applicant within the time frame until they are satisfied with the final draft.


  • Help anywhere, anytime

Since technology advancement and internet is on rise, we have expanded our CDR facilities around the globe offering CDR writing assistance to all the applicants’ irrespective of their location. We have designed our services for all types of nationalities studying in Australia by connecting them with our experienced and competent experts based on their preferences.


  • Best price in the market

We are well-known in the market because of quality with price, we ensure to offer superior quality services at a reasonable price. We try to meet the requirements of our applicants at market competitive rates to gauge the market potential. In addition to this, we also have various discounted packages and offers on different CDR writing services that can help the applicants to avail at minimum prices with quality services.


  • 24×7 customer support team

Since we have experts from all around the world, we make sure to offer 24×7 customer support to our applicants. For this purpose, we have arranged a team who can provide help regarding CDR services to the applicants at any time of the day without any interruption. The main reason for all day customer support is due to the presence of applicants from Pakistan, China, Bangladeshi, India, etc. who needs support and assistance regarding our services. We need to ensure that presence of relationship manager is always on duty to converse with the applicants regarding the registration and mailing facilities about the CDR procedure. 


  • 100 percent confidentiality

Confidentiality is the aspect on which we never compromise, we take this particular feature very seriously as we believe applicant’s personal information should never be revealed. Our database that gathers information about all the applicants is restricted to very few authoritative people having high security, and limited access to ensure privacy of the applicants. Furthermore, we use PayPal account for money transactions which is considered as the most reliable feature.


  • Plagiarism report on demand

While offering CDR services, we make sure that the content from our side is original. If any of the applicants is willing to check the authenticity of the report, they can always request for plagiarism check and we can carry forward their request. In addition to this, we always attach the plagiarism check copy of the document that is run by authentic plagiarism checking software with our original report ensuring the originality of our services.

If you still have some queries regarding CDR, please feel free to contact us. We are more than willing to help you out in this regard.


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