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21 September 2015

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Georgia Jayz

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Form past few years I have been working as a Senior Analyst in a US-based MNC. I did my MSc in Statistics from Northern Arizona University. Because of my deep interest in the subject, desire to learn more and to polish my theoretical knowledge often, I have started working as an academic writer for more than 5 years. Through my subject knowledge and practical understanding, I aim to help students to embark on statistical careers in their chosen areas. Numerical problems seem easier, but without practice for days it direct to unsolvable solutions. I have experienced hands on solving statistics both manually and using software such as Eviewes, SPSS and other. From generalized Linear Models to statistical computation, my assistance covers it all. Possessing subject knowledge and technical skills, my professional assistance tends to give students competitive edge in their academic journey. Don’t worry about the deadline submission or original work, being from the same student life I totally understand its importance and thereby work accordingly. For further assistance or query, you can contact me at any hour of need.

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