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How to write an Article Review

It is very common to get assignments on a weekly basis when you are enrolled in an academic institute. Assignments come in many different forms like writing essays, case studies, making reports, and many other forms. Students can also be given an article review as an assignment. Most of the students do not know what an article review is exactly especially when it’s their first time and they get completely puzzled about it.

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An article review is generally used to analyze and summarize articles and other written piece of work. The primary aim of writing an article review is to provide the readers with a comprehension on the selected topic and it also shows your grasp on the topic.


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Just like doing any other type of assignments, you should follow certain steps that can help you write the best article review and these steps are mentioned below:


  1. Title of the article review:

The article that needs to be reviewed may be provided to you by your instructor or you may have to select an article yourself. Whatever article that you are working on, the first thing that you need to do is come up with an appropriate title for your review. The title should be relevant to the article review that you will be writing.


  1. Writing the article review:

The standard format of an article review is just like that of a typical essay. It will consist of three parts, namely, introduction, main body, and the conclusion.

In the introduction, you just have to give a brief overview of the topic. It also includes the thesis statement which tells the reader the specific areas of the topic that you are going to cover.

After you are done with the introduction, it’s time to write the main body of the article review. The main body is where you will be presenting your ideas, arguments, claims. It is important that you present each idea in a different paragraph and also make sure to support your ideas with a few examples.

The last part of the article review is the conclusion. The conclusion is where you are going to end the review. The conclusion is basically a summary of what you have explained in your review and it should be written in a couple of lines.


  1. Referencing:

Referencing is another important aspect of writing an article review. You need to cite the information and article that you are using and also provide a complete reference of the source at the end of the review. There are many referencing styles available like APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. But the referencing style that you should choose depends on the requirements set by your instructor.


  1. Proofreading:

Proofreading should be performed when doing any type of assignment. It means to read the review that you have written a couple of times and check for grammatical, spelling, and other types of errors.


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