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What is Anthropology ?

Anthropology refers to the studies which are related to the different parts of human life including both present and past aspects. It mainly studies the different cultures and societies that humans have created since the time they arrived on Earth about thousands of years ago. Anthropology also studies the relationship between present and past human societies and cultures in order to study their developments as time passed. The various aspects of anthropology include the study of human history, how they evolved with respect to their habitat and surroundings, and the different forms of communication which helped them to communicate, interact and socialize with other humans. The people who study and research anthropology are known as anthropologists.

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There are mainly three types of anthropology and each of them deals with the various aspects and features of anthropology. Briefly discussed below are types of anthropology:


  1. Social and Cultural Anthropology:

As you know that there are about 7 billion people living on Earth today and there are also a countless number of cultures and societies which these people follow and live in. Anthropology that is concerned with the study of human societies and their cultures are called social and cultural anthropology.


  1. Biological/Physical Anthropology:

Biological anthropology or physical anthropology is that branch of anthropology that deals with the biological features of human beings, their biology and behavior in the past, how and why they evolved to become what they are now. It basically studies biology and behavior of current human beings and their relation to their primate counterparts and extinct ancient ancestors. There are also many other sub categories of biological anthropology like primatology, human biology, paleoanthropology and, evolutionary psychology etc.


  1. Linguistic Anthropology:

Linguistic anthropology is another branch of anthropology that aims to understand how different languages developed and how it impacts various aspects of human living like their societies, social life, faith, culture, communication, etc. It also studies the many ways that humans in both the present and past used in order to communicate.


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There are numerous ways in which anthropology is important to us.  In order to study aspects human beings in depth like their lifestyles, behaviors, cultures, languages, societies etc, we need to first study and look into their past. By studying the past, it shows us how much humans have changed over certain periods of time, the reasons that lead to such changes, and how humans have adapted to this new change. Such information can be used to help humans understand their differences like culture, tradition, society, race, and language so that humans around the world can lead better and peaceful lives.




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