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The academic field of Law is so vast and broad that it cannot be covered easily. There are number of different areas within law that one can simply not study all at once. This is why majority of the students study different types of law based on their interest, such as criminal law, commercial law, Property law and so on. Based on the experiences of our law assignment experts, we can help you with any type of law assignment you need help with.



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When it comes to getting professional law assignment help in Australia, there isn’t that many law assignment writers who can provide quality assignments to students as per the given requirements. To be able to deliver professional law assignments in Australia, it is very important that the writer has to have the same academic background and must be familiar with Australian education. Our law assignment and essay writers are Australian graduates who studied law in one of well-known Australian university. This is one of the main reasons that all our law assignments that we have done over the years have resulted in high grades.

University students are often assigned with Tort Law assignments, with which majority of the students are not comfortable with. Tort law consist of both common law and legislations. In simple words, a Tort is a civil breach other than a breach of contact. In Australia, when it comes to completing your Tort Law assignments, it is important to refer to common law of other countries specifically of the UK.


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Assignment Studio has been helping university students and college students with their University assignments and college essays for last eight years now. Over the years, our team of academic law writers or you can say expert law assignment helpers have helped over hundreds of students with their law assignments or Tort Law Assignments. Our writers are not only qualified with law degrees, but they also have the industry experience and love helping students with their Tort Law Assignments.

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When it comes to helping students with their university assignments, college essays or other assignments, our professional and expert academic writers can help you. Regardless of the subject and topic with which you may need help with, our writers are available 24/7 and can assist you with your urgent assignment help need. We have access to most of the online libraries so can easily find the resources, our work is always plagiarism free and most importantly we don’t miss deadlines. At our one of our main services is “MY ASSIGNMENT HELP”, that students usually avail with university assignments that they need on Urgent basis.

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Our law assignment writers follow a standard pattern with most of the law assignments, that is IRAC method. However in order to achieve good marks, it is important that you do share your lecture notes and other slides that are being taught in class so we can relate to them and use the same cases that are being taught in class. Law assignments are easy specially when lectures slides are being used, many universities in UK and Australia follow the same grading criteria. Even in majority of the law assignments or to be precise Tort Law Assignments, students in Australia are allowed to refer to the cases from UK.


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Sample Assignments


Tort Law – Civil Liability


CIVIL LIABILITYCommon law is the origin of the tort of negligence and principles of negligence came into existence modern in 1932 during the settlement of the House of Lords in Donoghue v Steveson. After that any suspected person or institution will be considered liable in conducting activity or behavior such as careless surgery, production of defective products, erecting warning signs failure, giving unprofessional financial advice, construction of defective buildings and injuring interloper. Insurance growth was the main factor in boom of litigation. Individual or institution became more interesting suspects if insurance factor is ignored.






Tort Law – Case Study


Tort Law CaseThe first and foremost element that needs to be proved is that the Council had a duty to act and behave in a certain way to avoid any foreseeable losses. If the Council can be proved to be careless in exercise of its statutory powers it can be said to have breached the duty of care. Since it’s the responsibility of the statutory bodies such as highway authorities and road transport authorities to exercise its powers along with ensuring all types of injuries are prevented, hence there exists a duty of care for the Council to act in a certain way.



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