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Masters in Education

I completed my Masters from University of Ballarat in 2011 and since than I have been associated with various schools and universities. I have worked in the areas of Adult English as the second language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

Besides working as a teacher, I have been helping students with their education assignments, with editing and proof reading, editing grammar, and helping in conducting research and making sure that they are on track. Either it be essays, research papers, dissertation, or any other kind of Assignment that you need help with I can easily help you out. My research projects are more focused on multilingual pedagogues, the intersection of language culture and identity along with the language learning needs.

I am also happy to assist you with other university assignments that you may need help with, for example I can assist you in writing blogs, articles reviews, solving case studies, designing education curriculum and critical article reviews.


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