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Professional Assignment Help On Innovation : Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is generally considered to be a modernized innovation, that is also known as on-demand computing. It is a form of computing which is specifically constructed around the use of internet (Grobauer, Walloschek, & Stocker, 2011). It is mainly designed in order to facilitate the users or the companies by allowing on-demand sharing of frequently used resources of computing that includes the access to servers, storage capacity, networks etc. University students seeking help with their assignments that are related to Cloud Computing can simply ask one of our professional writers at Assignment Studio to help them out with their assignment needs. Assignment Studio offers efficient way of dealing with certain barriers that require human interaction by allowing the access to broader network base through different client devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.


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There are number of subtypes that can be considered as part of cloud computing and all our expert academic writers are proud to offer their professional assignment writing services to both college and university students.


Subtypes of Cloud Computing

Provision of services is an essential characteristic of Cloud Computing. Their service-oriented nature is characterized through three main models.


Subtypes of Cloud Computing:

Assignment Help Onnovation Cloud Computing

Figure 2

Source: (Itsolutions, 2016).

Figure 2 shows how cloud computing services IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, helps the organization to achieve optimality and growth.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is the basic foundation of Cloud system, which provides its users to store the data, access it and move it as desired by making use of Virtual Machine (VM). Users can freely manage their IT resources and have complete control over its use.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service is a model designed to facilitate the users of Cloud without worrying about the cost of managing the operating system or the hardware as the service providers themselves perform these actions so the users will only have to manage their applications (Chen & Zhao, 2012).




Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service or a distributing model facilitate the users with the cloud software apps which users can access and use through internet by any means of technology, regardless of client device location. The users will not have to worry about taking measures to maintain the software.


Milestone achieved by College Students in cloud computing

With the adoption of cloud computing, the business transactions can be carried out in a short period of time, this is what students need to understand in order to be able to apply such knowledge into their jobs. Assignment Studio not only assistscollege students in preparing their assignments but at the same time they provide quality custom made assignments that students can use.Proper utilization of bottleneck resources has increased through the use of cloud computing.

Cloud computing has greatly improved on the operations of activities. The use of cloud computing for university students does not requires them to develop its own information technology structure.


Benefits of cloud computing that University Students need to understand

Assignment Help Onnovation cloud computing

Figure 1

Source: (RightScale, 2014).

The figure 1 shows the percentage increase in the number of respondents in 2014 as compared to the year 2013 while reporting the advantages of cloud computing such as greater scalability, faster access to infrastructure, higher availability, faster time to market etc. . This means that technological advancement and demand of cloud computing has been on the rise.


Impact of cloud computing on the management approach of organizations:

Cloud computing has been extremely beneficial in the retail industry, that clearly indicates that those students studying retail can avail assignment help from our expert writers at The applications such as consumer cloud has helped the retail industry not only in competitive pricing but also in the generation of real time information on the availability of inventory stock levels and running campaigns for targeted customers. Walmart Company is a perfect example which uses ‘Inventory App’ in order to check the status of over the counter stock levels and holding inventory. This has helped students in preparing management decision making assignments so that they can adopt sophisticated technology in day to day operations and make redundant the ‘human hand’ which is more prone to errors.


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