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The marketing objectives, communication objective and target audience has been restated from previous assignment for refinement purposes. Marketing objectives are all defined using SMARTT format so that we are clear in terms of what we have to achieve. Target audience is further elaborated to identify different behavior and personalities of individuals who can be attracted towards buying Tesla Powerwall. Moving on along the report we have discussed various IMC disciplines which we will be using to promote Tesla Powerwall such as advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, digital and social media marketing.


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All these discipline are chosen keeping in mind the nature of the product and the mediums which suites the target audience. We have focused on an unconventional advertising concept i.e. Guerrilla Marketing which will enhance Tesla Powerwall’s marketing activities and will help in engaging with customers at a more personal level. Guerrilla Marketing will be implemented keeping in mind the high-end high-tech nature of the product and the tech savvy consumers it is targeting. By the end of the report we have provided rationale for using various mediums to justify our choice. The selected mediums are TV, print, social media, digital media and out of home (OOH). Selected scheduling method is Pulsing as it seems like a more feasible approach. Furthermore, budget allocation and M&E steps are covered in the last part of the report.



 A separate excel file is made with the assignment detailing the elaborate media plan which starts from June 27, 2016 and runs till October 31, 2016 and includes appropriate spending on each medium.

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