There is a big opportunity to provide students around Australia access into Musical education or instructions. In present time only 23% of state schools and 83% of public schools nationwide offer Music education (2016). This is a massive opportunity for music academies or music instructors to take advantage of.

The main competitors in the market of musical education or instruction are as follows:

  • Australian National Academy of Music
  • Australian Institute of Music
  • Australian College of Arts
  • JMC Academy
  • Music Education Academy.

These are the main but not all of the competition that will be faced (2016).


Competitors range from being an educational institution where you can study full time or part time and also sometimes just a casual basis learning system.  Pricing varies on what a student wants or needs. Academies in retrospect use the same system as universities in the sense that there can be up front payment, Scholarship allowance or financial support from other sources such as HECS or VET.


Code of Conduct:  As a project team, we will:

  • Follow university code of conduct
  • Respect and trust our fellow team members
  • Stay in close communication throughout the duration of the project


Participation: We will:

  • Delegate tasks equally, evenly, and fairly
  • Allow everyone input into task allocation and project decisions
  • Participate in the project to the best of our ability


Communication: We will:

  • Communicate via face-to-face, email, Facebook, and Google Docs
  • Communicate all issues as soon as they arise to the Project Manager
  • Seek to respond to team members as quickly as possible


Problem Solving: We will:

  • Tackle large problems as a team
  • Utilise a brainstorming technique
  • Seek solutions in external resources if still unsolved


Meeting Guidelines: We will:

  • Meet on a weekly basis for 2 hours
  • Come to meetings prepared with an understanding of the meetings agenda, and with weekly tasks and activities finished
  • Notify the Project Manager in advance if we cannot attend the meeting
  • Team leader will be responsible for drafting minutes from meetings and dispersing them throughout the group


Purpose of RFP

The purpose of the technology lab is to allow the academy into have a technological advantage against other competitors such as: Hardware, software, Installations, soundproofing, testing and maintenance advantages.


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Background Information

The technology lab will benefit the academy indefinitely based purely on the positives that it will bring. The technological advancements that hardware and software will bring will create and easy working life for the academy as well as making everything more organized, prioritized and simplified. Soundproofing is key when instruments are played in different rooms because you don’t want kids getting distracted by other noises other than the instrument that they are playing. Testing and maintaining the facility and its products is critical when providing to its consumers.


Basic Requirements

The basic requirements to make this proposal come to life would be actually having the funds to allow this project to take off. Also there must be space within the facility for the lab due to only having one current facility that will be present. Also the need and necessity for this project must be established and must really be thoroughly thought of before actually considering such a drastic and serious approach.


RFP Process

The process will begin with organizing the funds needed for the project to take place. After the required amount is collected finding and organization to carry out and develop the project will be needed. A rough time frame must be established so the academy can still run throughout the process of the lab being created.


Selection and justification

All core team members participated in several discussions throughout the rental selection phase regarding the location of the new business.  We have outlined that being nearby to several schools would be a great advantage not only for us but also our customers.  This will allow us the opportunity to work in partnership with schools, suggesting ‘Little Noise Makers’ to students and parents who desire their children to pursue a pathway in music. Being close would also save customers travel time.



Overall, as a team we have listed 5 options that are suitable in being transformed into a music academy. 3 of these were rental houses whereas the other 2 are offices.  We have decided that we will to pursue our new business at the property in 18 Anzac Drive, Epping (option 3). This location is affordable, it is a brand new home suitable for renovation, NBN is available and there are 4 spacious rooms that can be split between our team. Two toilets, a kitchen and yard are available for our customers, and the yard being low maintenance also comes in very handy. A train station and plaza are nearby, and there are several schools in a 1 to 5 km radius. This property is very affordable with a weekly rent of $380, suiting our tight budget.



Job Description: This role encompasses a variety of administration and customer service tasks. It will involve greeting customers as they arrive, answering phones and responding to emails, and managing enquires and enrolments of current and future students. This role also requires employees to be professionally presented and polite, well organized, and have strong written and verbal communication skills.

Pay: $19.00 hourly rate

Work Schedule: Part time employment. Must be available 4 full days a week, with preference going to appropriate candidates available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


Rock band instructor

Job Description: This role involves teaching children aged 3 to 16 how to play in a rock band. This includes teaching basic music composition, song writing and teamwork. Classes will consist of 4 to 6 students, depending on enrolment numbers. A moderate level of musical ability is required, with knowledge of multiple instruments. Some administration work will also be required. Candidates must be confident with children, and hold a valid working with children check. Current music students searching for industry experience will also be considered for this role.

Pay: $98 per lesson

Work Schedule: Casual employment. Must be available for one lesson a week, preferably Monday morning.


Guitar instructor

Job Description: This role involves teaching children aged 3 to 16 how to play in guitar, including music theory and practice. Classes will consist of 3 to 5 children, depending on enrolment numbers. An advanced level of musical ability is required. Teaching experience is preferred, as well as some administration experience. Candidates must be confident with children, and hold a valid working with children check.

Pay: $98 per lesson

Work Schedule: Casual Employment. Must be available for three lessons a week, preferably Wednesday morning, afternoon, and evening. Additional hours will be required during examination and recital periods.


Technology lab development:

Job Description: This role involves teaching children aged 3 to 16 how to use digital music development tools. Classes will consist of no more than 5 children. Advanced knowledge of music hardware and software, such as Logic and Garage Band, are essential. High technological capabilities, and an intermediate knowledge of music theory and practice is required. Teaching experience is preferred, as well as some administration experience. Candidates must be confident with children, and hold a valid working with children check.

Pay: TBA (depending on level of experience)

Work Schedule: Full time employment. Must be available 5 days a week, with additional evening hours being required during examination and recital periods.