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Impact of Deceptive Advertising on Consumer Loyalty in Food Industry

Deceptive advertising, in simple words, is “the use of fake or deceptive statements for publicity.” Use of deception as a means for publicity is a practice as old as time and is still common today. Generally it is perceived that deception in advertising i.e. false claims made by the marketer in advertising tricks the consumer into buying the product. However, eventually the consumer realizes the real quality/value of the product/service and learn about the fallacy of the claims made by the marketer in advertisements.


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In such a case scenario, it is natural for a consumer to feel betrayed and hence it is very unlikely that he/she will remain loyal to the brand. Marketing activities have undergone a drastic change over the years. For attracting consumers and to win the market share with the concept of optimized advertising expenditures, exaggeration is the new strategy of various players to date. Here the objective of the study is to examine the effects of deceptive advertising on consumer loyalty.


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