Creating Order

To create an order, first there needs to be some items and a customer. Select the customer and the items from the drop down menus shown in the Image below. And then enter the quantity of the item that you want to order. After that press create order, if the quantity of the item is available then the order will be created.


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Viewing Customer, Order and Item List

To view all the books in the database, click on ‘book stock‘ on the homepage, and the following page will appear with the table of all the books. Similarly click on ‘CD stock’ to view the stock of CDs, and orders.

Managed Beans Design

Managed beans have been created for all the entities that are present in this system. One managed bean is present for each entity i.e. Book, CD, Customer, Order. The managed beans take the data from the JSF pages and then pass this data to the Business tier. Different methods of the managed beans return the address of the next page to be opened, using which the navigation between the pages has been performed.

Design of EJBs

Enterprise java beans have been created for each separate entity. And each EJB has a separate interface, which can be used on a local machine. This tier takes the information from the managed beans, and then transfers this information using JPQL to the persistence layer.