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Education In Australia

Education is one of the most important tools for every individual to succeed in life. It helps people to overcome the challenges that they may face in life and also provides them with opportunities for a better career so that they may lead a happy and successful life.

Education means obtaining and acquiring knowledge and skills through study. It allows individuals to gain knowledge and develop particular or multiple skills that would help them in their future career. It helps shape the character of each individual in order to produce ideal human beings so that humans can work for the welfare of the entire human race and also the world. A country or nation cannot develop itself without the help of education. Therefore, education is important as it develops curiosity and also provides a means to earn a livelihood.


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The education industry here in Australia has also been working to provide the necessary education for its people. In Australia, there are 3 levels of education namely preschool or primary education, secondary or high school education, and tertiary education. Education in Australia is compulsory for children of ages between 4 to 15, 16 or 17 which depends on the state or territory in which the child was born. Regulation and funding of education are provided by the States, but the Federal government also helps to support it financially.

Preschool and primary education is considered as two separate types of schooling in the majority of States in Australia but in Western Australia, both are considered as the same. Preschool is generally for children between the ages 3 to 5 and about 85% children attend preschool before joining schools. Government schools provide primary and secondary education to about 60% students and the remaining 40% students are provided education by other private institutes. In 2010, around 66% of students attended government schools as compared to 69% in 2000.

Tertiary education means university or college level education. There are about 43 universities in Australia and out of these 43 universities, 40 of them are public universities, 2 are international universities, and 1 is a private university. There are also many other institutions that provide higher education to the people. Many of the tertiary institutions in Australia are ranked among the world’s institutes as the ones that provide top education to their students. A census in 2011 showed that the percentage of people aged 20 attending universities or other tertiary institutes had increased from 32.6% in 2006 to 36.6% in just 5 years. In 2013, around 1.3 million students were enrolled in higher education institutes. Many of the tertiary institutes in Australia provides students with programs such as student loan programs to financially aid students in pursuing their education.


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