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As the term suggests, a written contract is an agreement whose words have been decreased to writing. They are also generally signed or accepted. A written contract, however, may comprise of an exchange of communication, a letter prepared by the promise and agreed by the promise devoid of signature or a memo or printed text not signed by any group. Statutes pertaining to written contracts are mostly particularly limited to agreements signed by both or any one group.


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Whether such a restriction can be entailed when not open depends on the aim and the background. Groups or individuals mostly have long negotiations prior they write the final contract. Several pledges and accounts are created and based on during these negotiations.  It becomes important to integrate all critical elements and pledges into the final contract.  If a dispute arises later about the results in the proceedings regarding the written contract, the judiciary is not likely to permit group to show proof of pledges or accounts that are not expressed in the written contract.  This paper will discuss the given statement of whether Australian courts should not provide remedies for failure to fulfill verbal promises made during contract negotiations, unless those promises are included in the written contract.


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