Business Information System

Business Information System is a combination of interrelated processes that supports IT infrastructure by which an organization can generate desired data. This allows the enterprises to attain business objectives in an effective manner.

It assists the companies to cope up the changes in external and internal business environment (Baskerville and Wood-Harper, 2016). The present report is based on Business Information Systems and to understand its significance in the industries, a case study is taking into the consideration. As per the given scenario, it has been identified that Zodiac cycle part manufacturer (ZCM) current in-house Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and Business Information Systems (BIS) has not able to cope up with the increase demand for accurate information and state of art technology from users.

With this regard,  company wants to improve its existing IT infrastructure of BIS to beat the tough competition and take right as well as appropriate investment decisions. This study will explain organisation, management and technology dimensions of Business Information Systems. It will create an argument in favor of cloud computing which is a feasible option for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as compared to the traditional in-house hosting.

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