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Knowledge is power, and the knowledge related to people that a company is trying to market to, it is far more powerful. Businesses understand this and that is the reason why the burst of big data has become an important blessing for the marketers during the past few years.



Technology driven arena of big data has several commonalities with the creativity based world of business – a baseless deprivation for more data or information. Big Data relates to the ever augmenting volume, variety and velocity, variability and complexity of data. This paper is aim to discuss the utilization, importance and influence of big data to a marketing firm in order to understand the significance and impact of the technology in today’s business arena.


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For marketing firms, big data is the basic outcome of the new marketing horizon, originated from the existing world of digital technology.  The paper will represent the idea that the utilization of big data to the current marketing business leads to strategic stability and success with effective and efficient use of technology that can boost the overall function of marketing.

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