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Individuals and research centers been contradicting the conventional wisdom that has been linked to the unavailability aspect rather than achieving appropriate means of controlling affluence since 1970. There existed real issues that needed to be attended some of which were linked to the misuse of useful things more so the war equipment, the persistent poor living standards, and the unequal quality among the services offered publicly and the goods produced privately that can be collectively referred to as the “public squalor and private opulence.” A new world seemed to have been delivered after the post-war period where dominant ideas have existed, and there have been thoughts of the past regarding the reduced importance that had by then exceeded inequality. Inequality increased as a result of a group of people remained weak as others gained wealth.

Taking full industrialization aspect of the nation could have led to a massive education, hiked wage for the employed, and a rise in the political power for the huge populations. These were among the issues that might have led to the growth in the levels of inequality in Australia. The level of income inequality in many countries have been increasing in the past 20 years, and Australia has been among these states.

The economic crisis experienced between 1974 and 1975 has also been cited as the major contributor to the inequality in Australia. The crisis is said to have hit the country with the re-election of the government in 1974 at the time when the government policies swung with the struggle of a minister system. This paper explores the causes of the high levels of inequality in the nation as it outlines the existence of the economies with the application of both political and historical aspects.

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