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Provide content development or academic consulting services for Your Clients. Become a Master Agent.

Become an international academic consultant or content develope service provider under your own business name when you join our Master Agent Program. You manage your accounts, set your own rates and invoice your own customers. To support your business, we’ll provide you with quality services.

Target Market:

Businesses – small or large businesses they all need content development, copy writing, online marketing SEO services for their new campaigns or existing campaigns.

Freelancers – the trend of doing business from home is now a common thing these days, all one need is computer, access to internet and a bit of brain to start operating on their own. Still they need services where we can help them out.

Students – Local and international students both need help with their projects, reports, business plans etc… some of them are confused, some don’t have time and some seriously are a bit lazy but our role is to help them out no matter what.

Restaurants – restaurants not only need a basic menu, but a menu with proper content and words that are catchy…

IT companies – individuals, groups, students or small companies they don’t necessarily have all the resources to deal with all kind of technicalities and so is the case with us.. We just cannot help with anything and everything, if one claim that they can than be realistic… All we claim is there are a bunch of services that we can assist you with!

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