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Leaders are those individuals who are capable of inspiring and motivating other people to accomplish a particular task or vision. Leaders guide and give direction to their followers and lead them to the right path. They also aim to encourage the people to attain their full potential and work hard to achieve their visions. Leaders are important in any businesses as it helps the business to become more efficient and effective, thus becoming successful. But not all people are leaders. It is true that some individuals are born with such traits that help them become great leaders but for others, it’s a skill that they need to acquire from experience.

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People often confuse themselves when differentiating between a leader and a manager and usually consider both of them the same. It doesn’t look like there are any differences between the two but actually, there are a number of differences between them.

First of all, most managers usually assign tasks to the people working under them and do not contribute much to the completion of the tasks. On the other hand, people do not work for leaders but they follow them. A leader is one who assigns the tasks for the group and he himself also works with the group to accomplish it. When any issues or faults arise like for example, an employee fails to complete a task for some reason. The manager would not take any blame and most probably would take negative actions against the employee such as getting angry at the employee, suspending the employee, reducing their salary, etc. But if it was a leader, the outcome would be quite different. Instead of the employee taking all of the blame, the leader would himself take some of the blame for it as well. He then would take positive actions on the employee like providing him with the proper guidance to complete the task, help solve the problems and issues of the employees, motivate and encourage them, etc.


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It is also not true that all managers are not leaders. Some managers can also be leaders as well. The basic task of a manager is to carry out the four basic functions of management which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The leading function of management includes directing the activities and motivating the employees as well. Most managers are just focused on directing the activities of the organization in order to achieve the organizational goals. They show a lack of interest in motivating, encouraging and inspiring their employees. But those managers who do motivate and inspire their employees can also be considered as leaders.



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