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Importance of Information Technology

Technology has taken over the world in the recent decades. Almost everything that we use in our daily lives consists of some form of technology. It has made many developments and advancements in a short period of time and is continuously making more developments as we speak. Information technology, also known as IT refers to the storing, manipulation, processing, and communication of electronic forms of data through the use of systems like computers and telecommunication devices. Information technology is basically any electronic device or system that can be used to store, handle, exchange information between other electronic devices and systems.

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Information technology has become a significant part of our lives as it has made our lives much easier. It has made the act of communication effortless and even if we wanted to communicate with someone at the other end of the world, it still wouldn’t be a problem at all. The electronic systems like computers and smartphones that information technology has provided us have allowed us to easily communicate with others around the world. It has turned the world into a global village because it has brought the people of the world closer to each other.

Many businesses are operating smoothly because of information technology. It helps the various departments in businesses like finance, human resources, accounting, production, security, etc. Let us take the production department as an example. It records information such as the demand of a product and helps calculate the number of products that the business needs to manufacture in order to meet those demands.


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Another benefit of information technology is that it helps to store data online. By storing data online, anyone can easily search for the particular data they are looking for and obtain it. It is very beneficial when storing large amounts of data. Imagine storing huge amounts of information in the form of files. It would be very difficult to find the data you want because it could be in any file and there is no tool to help you look for it.

Information technology also helps to secure the information within a business. For example, if a person makes a transaction using his credit card. A hacker can easily retrieve all the details of the credit card and will be able to steal all the money it has. This is becoming a common practice among hackers all around the world. Information technology helps to avoid such situations by making sure that all the personal details are hidden and secured by the use of the appropriate channels.


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