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Environmental Effects of Warfare

War can be simply defined as the conflicts or fights between countries. War can also be the conflicts between groups within a country. Armed weapons are usually used by the armies to fight a war. At this time, war is going on between a number of countries. War as we know it has many devastating effects. Thousands of people are sent to war and it results in the countless loss of precious human lives. War causes the destruction of infrastructure which forces many people to leave their homes and find shelter in safer locations. War not only has many devastating effects on humanity but on the environment as well.


It takes a huge amount of resources to go to war. Guns, ammunition, and armor are produced in large numbers in order to equip armies that consist of thousands of soldiers. Besides this, tanks, warplanes, missiles, and other war machines are also produced in large numbers. One of the main resources needed for war is fossil fuels. Fuel is used in most of the activities of war. War machines such as tanks and warplanes require a good amount of fuel to operate. It also takes a lot of fuel to transport soldiers from one place to another. The burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane which causes various environmental effects such as air pollution and global warming.


These days most of the countries have their own nuclear weapons. These nuclear weapons like the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan has brought devastating effects to the affected areas. This not only killed thousands of people but has also left behind its effects which are still felt today. The affected areas have become radioactive which has also caused the deaths of many people mostly due to radiation poisoning and other health issues. This radiation has also greatly affected the environment including plants and animals as well.

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During most of the wars, many of the soldiers were deployed near forests. The trees were used by them not only build shelters but for campfires as well. This resulted in the loss of thousands of square kilometers of trees and it also damaged the habitat in which many species of animals live in, causing the extinction of various animal species. Trees are also capable of absorbing the greenhouse gases and converting them into oxygen, thus reducing pollution and global warming. Therefore, the loss of trees also affects the environment as well.


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