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Effects of Aging

Aging is a process that all human beings have to go through. It is a continuous process and cannot be stopped or avoided. The term aging basically means to grow older. We are all getting older as we speak. Aging does not only affect humans but also other living creatures as well with some exceptions. Aging is not particularly caused by something but it is a naturally occurring process. When we age, we are also less capable of performing the activities that we were capable of doing when we were younger. Let’s takes the example of athletes in various sports. In almost every sport, athletes retire around the age of 40 years because their bodies grow older and weaker, hence, their performance levels seem to diminish and find it hard to keep themselves athletically fit.


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The process of aging brings many effects on our bodies. Some of these effects are not instantly noticeable as it slowly takes effect. Every part of our body is made up of very tiny living cells. These cells are the basic building blocks of our body which multiply and divide to help our bodies to grow and repair itself. As we grow older, the ability of the cells to divide and multiply reduces and, therefore, it affects our body’s ability to grow and repair itself.


Our organs also start to lose some function due to the effect of aging. When we grow older, our eyesight tends to get weaker and we require glasses in order to see clearly. Our muscles slowly lose function as we are not able to lift heavy things. Older people have a tough time retaining new information and can be very forgetful. This is due to our brain which is affected by the process of aging and thus, not allowing it to function properly. Also, our bones become very weak and we have to walk slowly and carefully. We are required to follow a strict diet meaning that the foods that we eat become limited because of our inability to digest certain foods properly. The organs that are majorly affected by aging are the heart, lungs, and the kidneys.


As we grow older, we are also more prone to various illnesses and diseases. Our cells lose the ability to properly multiply and divide, leading to abnormal functioning of the cells which leads to illnesses such as cancer. Diseases like Alzheimer’s generally affects people over the age of 60. It affects a person memory, ability to think, and also their behavior as well.


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