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E Learning In Modern Education System



In this modern, age of society where everyone requires individual attention to his/her self in order to gain far more than publicly gather information. Internet becomes the part of life in these circumstances when technology is much more active than any other source of communication. People need to have all information regarding their field of interest at one place stop and this could only be possible because of internet. According to a research, students engage with a lot more new information’s from various sources. Particularly, students are more independent in electronic based courses than traditional way of learning courses. Although the virtual source of teaching courses are not so effective because of student unable to pay attention being as in practical classrooms but students are still progressive.


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This paper is depending on the effectiveness of e-learning system in the field of education. E-learning can be perceived as a computer-learning program in which students can be taught over computer. However, today the concept of e-learning has been totally changed, it is the collection of technological sources to provide the information you required within a very short period of time. What is good e-learning process? The components and the future perspective of the e-learning program will covered in this paper. For more similar education assignments feel free to contact us.

In the view of Marcus (2008), E-learning defined as to engage electronically delivered content, network service and tutorial based programs, which help students to understand and motivate. Weather from a place of distance or face to face, computer equipped labs. E-learning shifted the traditional classroom to ICT based classroom which is flexible, self-organized, the privacy provided, security and independence along with entertaining GUI (graphical user interface). With this, systems students may collaborate with teachers, consultants, tutors, experts etc .

E-learning is the use of digital media to enhance the information, performance, standardization of your personality. According to them technology often provides the learner control over the learning process, content, sources, individuals to communicate, media, and time. This technology allows users to identify and achieve the personal goals and objectives with certain expertise.


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E-learning refers to the use of technology and resources which will provide the broad array of solutions to the most complex problems. It observes throughout the world, students from many fields are taking benefits from technology especially in the field of e-learning environment. E-learning is also known as online learning, collaborative learning, web based learning, computer based learning process and sometimes people use the word internet for this discipline.

E-learning considered being of two classifications, one is distance learning, and other is a computer-assisted program. They further add that Distance learning is a program to deliver the information at a remote area location whereas the learner sitting outside the range boundaries of central locations. On the other hand, computer assisted program refers to the multimedia delivering programs in which learners can be entertained with multiple media with audio-video visuals and attracting graphical user interface motivates and attracts them to study.

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