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To achieve success a business company must offer products or services that are innovative and according to the consumer’s requirement with least competition. Almost all restaurants are offering home delivery services, whereas the management and hiring of delivery staff not only affects the restaurant’s overall budget but also creates different issues for the managers.  Drive Yello is a platform through which the restaurant managers instead of hiring their own delivery can outsource their delivery service. The concept of Drive Yello is a bit similar to Uber, based on a mobile phone app.


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The main purpose behind every business is to gain more profit and loyalty of maximum number of customers. In the current scenario of advance technologies and tough competition any business to be successful in the long run have to be innovative, offering services or products that are as per the consumers demand and easily accessible. Whereas due to multiple requirements for establishing a new business setup specifically the finance, many individuals were unable to accomplish their business plans. As stated by (Hudson, 2009) that computers, cell phones, telephone answering systems, word-processing software, and the Internet have made small business start-up and operation easier and cheaper. The advancement in internet technology has proved to be the most affective aid for the individuals with creative ideas to establish a business with least finance.  


Basic Theme Behind Drive Yello:

At present as in most families all the family members are working and due to daily busy schedules home cooking becomes almost impossible, dinning in restaurants and getting home deliveries of food products is quite common among such families. The convenience of getting choice of food from the restaurant’s menu at one’s doorstep has not facilitated the customers but at the same time has also enhanced the restaurant business. However, management of the delivery staff and managing the delivery time has become a constant issue for the restaurant managers offering delivery services.

Secondly, many individuals having their own transport for additional income are working with Uber in their free time. It’s a widely consumed source of income popular among all age groups. Uber has its own requirements for being a qualified Uber vehicle (Dwivedi et al, 2016). Whereas, due to specific vehicle requirements by Uber many individuals are unable to get benefit from the same opportunity.

A team of entrepreneurs inspired by the concept of Uber and visualizing the management issues of the delivery staff at the restaurants launched Drive Yello, based on a creative idea that would benefit both the restaurant managers and individuals seeking additional income and launched Drive Yello (Baldassarre, 2015). The basic theme of Drive Yello is to establish an independent platform providing assistance in home delivery service for the restaurants. Acquiring the services of Drive Yello restaurant managers will be relieved from the stress of hiring and management of the delivery staff. The restaurants will also be relieved from the extra burden on their overall budget by saving the salaries of the delivery staff.  Moreover, Drive Yello platform will also be advantageous for the individuals seeking a source for making additional income.   


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Drive Yello:

Already in restaurant business two entrepreneurs Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs, observing the restaurant managers difficulties in hiring and management of the delivery staff developed a brilliant idea of establishing a platform that will provide a facility to the restaurants to outsource their home delivery service (Naughton, 2016). They started their operations from Sydney in 2014, unlike many other businesses the company was established with least investment that is major investments were in the form of a mobile app, a computer software, few computers and a small office space to be used as its headquarter. As stated by Fortuin (2007) that product and service innovations involve the introduction of products or services to the market that are new or substantially improved. The type of service Drive Yello is offering is unique, appealing and exactly as per the present day’s demand. Business companies for their success design their products or services that are competitive and cope up with consumers demand. The type of service Drive Yello is offering will not only facilitate the restaurant managers but at the same time will enable the restaurant customers to get timely deliveries of their orders and by providing job with least requirements would be a small aid in reducing the rate of unemployment in Australia. Making efficient use of mobile phone technology, Drive Yello, in a very short span has gained a significant success as now the number of restaurants acquiring Drive Yello and the number of individuals getting themselves registered with Drive Yello is increasing every day.  The individuals currently registered with the company are mostly students and part time workers.


Competent Business Model is a Key to Success:

Every business prior to commencing its operations makes plans for its resources and design strategies considering the requirements of the target market. The success of any business operations is based on its efficient planning, strategies, utilization of resources, coping up with the competitors and how competently the market demands are fulfilled. All such measures that are adopted for the success of any business are termed as its business model. The business model in a simple way can be explained as how a company makes money by showing where it is in the value chain (Madan & Arora, 2016). The business model adopted by Drive Yello reflects its being advantageous for the restaurant owners, customers making food orders and the individuals seeking part time job for an additional income. Whereas, the company itself would be earning a fair income. A business model takes the great idea and transforms it into a profitable enterprise (Muehlhausen, 2013).  

One of the most important aspects of an effective business model is that it enables the managers to visualize the consumer’s current trend and produce innovative products that will attract more consumers, thus generating more sales for the company. A business model includes all aspects of a company’s approach to developing a profitable offering and delivering it to its target customers (Lu & Bock, 2016).  It is of utmost importance for the business companies to determine the needs of their target customers and efficiently utilizing their resources produce products that meet the customers’ needs. The business model of Drive Yello portrays the same feature that is it offers a service for the restaurants to carry on with their home delivery service without being dependant on their own delivery staff.


Drive Yello in the Long Run:

As stated by Fiore (2005) that the success of your product or service depends on your knowledge of the market you plan to sell within. As Steve and Johnny’s idea was to provide a low cost solution to the restaurant managers for home delivery staff, currently the concept of Drive Yello appears to be the present market’s demand. Any business company’s success can be assessed by evaluating its mode of operations, products, challenges and its ability in gaining customer’s loyalty. Conducting a SWOT analysis of Drive Yello will further describe its viability in the long run. A SWOT analysis gives a broad view of both operations and the environment, describing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of operations (Waters, 2006).



Maintaining food quality and timely serving is the top most concern of a restaurant Manager, especially when the food is to be delivered at customer’s address. Whereas for home deliveries, managers are dependent on the availability of delivery staff. As Drive Yello is a platform where individuals can work according to their timings, a significant number of individuals had registered themselves with Drive Yello. Thus, there’s a huge fleet of delivery staff always available for service at Drive Yello. Secondly,

Drive Yello allows its clients to manage, track and pay the drivers either per delivery or full shift, making it possible for the timely delivery of every order booked. In this respect it is assessed that the confirmed 24 hours availability of delivery staff and manager’s accessibility to track and manage the drivers are two main strengths of Drive Yello.   



The operation of Drive Yello is entirely based on web based technology and needs advance smart phones or iPads. Any error in mobile phones or not within the mobile network range would affect the delivery service. Secondly, there seems to be a lack of investment as the company is only operating through its two offices at Melbourne and Sydney only.



The trend towards home delivery is also fast gaining popularity, with value sales shooting the roof over the last couple of year (Jerinabi & Santhi, 2012). The huge restaurant industry and almost 40% of the restaurant business generating from home deliveries, and having provision of outsourcing delivery service to Drive Yello, a significant number of restaurants are now acquiring Drive Yello services. As stated by Whitby (2013) that employees who are offered flexible hours are more likely to stay with the company and meet job targets. Drive Yello is an ideal platform for the people seeking part time job according to their time schedule. The same factors could be claimed as major opportunity for the growth and success of Drive Yello in the long run.   



The only threat that Drive Yello might be facing is that unlike Uber at Drive Yello there’s no specific restrictions regarding vehicles of the delivery staff, and as timely delivery and delivered in the same state as it is packed is of major concern for the restaurant managers, due to vehicle fault or carelessness the order might be delivered late or not in the same state as it was packed. It will not only affect the restaurant’s business but Drive Yello might also lose its client.   



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