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Digital Marketing

Marketing is the process of influencing or persuading people to buy products and services generally through advertisements. The activity of marketing is commonly used by businesses and organization to sell their products and services. Marketing that is performed through the use of digital mediums such as the Internet, smartphones, television, and other digital mediums is known as digital marketing.


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The internet has gained a huge amount of popularity and users since it first started. Now almost everyone on the planet uses the internet in their everyday lives. People mainly use the internet to communicate with others around the world. They also use the internet for other purposes as well such as entertainment and knowledge. Smartphones and televisions are also common digital mediums found in almost every household.

In this modern era, a lot of people tend to use online shopping sites to buy the stuff that they want rather than going out to buy it themselves. Businesses have turned this to their own advantage. They collect data about the products and services that people now prefer to buy and those that they don’t. They then analyze this data to find out useful information such as the products and services people need, what kinds of people need them, which area do they need these products and services in. This process is known as digital marketing research. This helps businesses to efficiently and effectively advertise and distribute their products and services among the people.

Advertisements are also used by the businesses using various digital mediums to promote their products and services. With the growing use of the Internet, many social platforms have been created to allow people to communicate with each other such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. These social media platforms have millions of daily active users and also have thousands of new users each day. These businesses use these digital mediums to advertise their products and services because it is one of the most both effective and efficient methods for advertising. These advertisements can easily reach millions of people in just a few seconds. This means that the more people that view the advertisements, the more people are likely to buy the products and services. Another major advantage of this method is that it is quite inexpensive as well.


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Digital Marketing

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