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Causes and Prevention of “Child Labor”

Child labor is one of the most serious problems that can be found on the planet. Children should not be working in industries and businesses at such a young and tender age. The process of employing children to work is called child labor. More than 150 million children are involved in some form of child labor all across the globe but most of the poor and developing countries have the highest rate of child labor.

Child labor has many negative effects on children. Children that are engaged in work are often deprived of their childhood. Imagine yourself working when you were a child, it would be very horrible and sad to go through such a thing. Childhood is the time in individual’s life where he/she is considered a child. It is the time where children learn to do things like walk, talk, play, laugh, make friends, and start going to school. Childhood is usually the time of a person’s birth up to their teenage years.

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Child labor also prevents children from receiving a formal education. Education is very necessary for every individual because it teaches them the very basics of life and prepares them for their adulthood so that they can lead a happy and successful life. Without education, it would be quite impossible for people to succeed and achieve in life.

There are many factors to blame that lead to child labor but one of the major factors of child labor is poverty. Many breadwinners from poor families do not earn enough to support their families which are why these families often send their children to work so that the families can meet their own basic needs. About 70% of the children involved in child labor work in agriculture because most of these poor people work in the agricultural sector.

Lack of education is also a leading cause of child labor. Since poor families struggle to make ends meet, they are not able to provide their children with admission in educational institutes. This result in the families to send their children to work in various industries and businesses instead.


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There are many ways by which we can get rid of child labor. One of these ways is to help poor families who are struggling financially. Another way is to provide children from poor families with access to free quality education so that they can pursue education instead of work. The countries all over the world should pass strict laws that help prevent and stop children from working in various businesses.


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