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Causes, Effects, and Solutions for Air Pollution

Today the world is facing a number of dreadful issues and one of those issues is air pollution. The term air pollution refers to the presence of such substances that can cause many devastating effects to living organisms and also to the environment. Currently, air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate due to many factors but certain steps are also being taken to ensure the diminishing of air pollution.

Assignment HelpMan-made sources and natural sources are the two main sources of air pollution. Man- made sources means air pollution that is caused by the human activities whereas a natural source, as the name suggests is caused by elements of nature.

The difference between the two is that man-made sources contribute to most of the air pollution in the world as compared to natural sources. Even though we cannot stop naturally occurring events to reduce air pollution, we can still stop or reduce air pollution caused by human activities.


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One of the major man-made sources of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuel. Fossil fuel means the coal or gas extracted from the earth. Fossil fuel when burnt emits large amounts of carbon dioxide which is one of the significant factors that cause air pollution. This fossil fuel is used by industries like power plants which produce power by burning it and emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide in the process. It is also used in most of the means of transportation like cars, trains, ships, and planes which also function by the burning of fossil fuel and also emit carbon dioxide. Besides the burning of fossil fuel, humans dump wastes in large landfills.

The wastes dumped in these landfills are decomposed by bacteria and consequently emit methane gas which is the second most harmful gas that causes air pollution just after carbon dioxide. Also, many products like paints and various sprays which contain pollutants that also contributes to air pollution when used.

Natural sources of air pollution include naturally occurring events like the eruption of volcanoes which emit sulfur and ash particles that cause air pollution. Other sources include smoke from wildfires and methane emitted by during agricultural processes like burning of agricultural waste and emission of methane caused by the digestion of foods by cattle.

Air pollution causes much harm to both living things and the environment. Air pollution is the cause of many diseases among humans like cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, morality, and various types of cancers etc. which results in great loss of life. It can also cause diseases among plants like food crops and animals which can heavily affect the ecosystem. Climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer are some of the other effects caused by air pollution.

There are a number of different steps we can take in order to reduce air pollution. Conserving energy is important for the reduction of air pollution as it enables us to use the least amount of energy necessary which in turn means that lesser amounts of fossil fuel used.

Another way is to stop the use of fossil fuel and start using means of clean energy like installing solar panels to collect solar power and establishing wind turbines to create power using the wind. Also by recycling waste instead of burning them or dumping them in landfills, we can simply just recycle them so that we can help reduce air pollution.


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