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Bliss Travels Marketing Plan and Implementation strategies.

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Marketing Plan and Implementation strategies

Bliss Travels has been started providing services in travel and tours related services including ticketing and reservations, overseas tours/holiday packagers, cruise holidays, worldwide hotel reservations, overseas airport transfers & rail tickets, travel insurance etc. This company has acquired all those resources that are useful to run Bliss Travels for a long time. After developing all departments such as financial, administration, marketing, operational and human resource, it is now looking forward to attract and retain potential customers.

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Bliss Travels have observed and evaluated all external as well as internal factors to get a strong grip on current situation and problems related to customer retention. Currently, travel and tours services business is slow; this business is not slow due to lack of customers, locations, airline services availability issues but it is slow due to low level and traditional marketing campaigns and no easy access facility to customers. There is a big potential in the market from the customers side because segments of this service business can be local and international people. Inbound tours and travelers and outbound tours and travelers can discover the services that this company is offering.

Major goals and objectives of Bliss Travels is to sustain for long term and earn substantial profits with the help of attracting great range of customers. This major objective can only be achieved with proper marketing. Bliss Travels has identified target market and segments. The target market is local and international customers of high, medium and low level incomes. One of the big problems of Bliss Travels is to identify target market and segments. Some hurdles attached with the identification are budget, analysis of customer needs and market trends.

Government has also developed national strategies to support travels and tours industry for the betterment of overall economy of Australia so Bliss Travels strategies have been coordinated with government support and research programs to achieve its major objectives and goals.

Promotions of Bliss travels shall be accomplished according to current demands of customers and needs of the environment.  For example, what are the major areas where customers can be attracted a lot, these areas can be offline and online marketing campaigns. Distribution shall be done through direct selling over service centers and on website with online booking and confirmation facilities. All the services shall be provided with best customer service. Development of the service shall be made according to needs of the customers when required. A proper research and development department will be working to do services testing and development from time to time. Pricing strategy of Bliss Travels is value based and competitive with accordance to service speed and quality.

All the strategies shall usually be implemented and reviewed on yearly basis by the company officials. A supervisory team shall be working on all the departments who will report to top management regarding overall performance of each and every department. This supervisory team will be updating to top management regarding the increase in sales and customers from time to time. What kind of complaints are coming and how designated people are handling any sort of complaints. A complete check and balance will be carried out by establishing best performance benchmarks.



Bliss Travels is a new name in the field of travel and tourism services. It is providing several types of services to tourists and travelers these days. The services of Bliss Travels are ticketing and reservations, overseas tours/holiday packagers, cruise holidays, worldwide hotel reservations, overseas airport transfers & rail tickets, travel insurance etc.

My task is typically restricted to the marketing and promotion of this business because the owners of the company are looking forward to increase sales and enhance customer base through e-marketing techniques and different strategies to meet the requirements of the company. E-marketing is one of the smart, advanced and latest tools that can help company to reach target customers, segments and fulfill the needs of the customers. Company is in need to enhance its customer base with the help of a well developed website. It is looking forward to attract new customers as well as retain its current customers for a long time.

In the first phase of the report, I have diagnosed objectives and goals, target market, segments and a situational analysis of the company. By doing this detailed analysis, I shall be in a position to properly develop offline marketing and e-marketing plan. It is true that marketing and promotion always help to boost sales of any company. If the marketing and promotion is done with proper research then it supports company in terms of the heavy increase in its sales. So in this first phase of the promotional plan, with the help of online and offline tools sales may be increased.

It is also important to note that marketing always done with limited budget. When any company spend more on marketing campaigns than cost, so it may be difficult for company to set a competitive price in the market.




Anyhow, in this report it has also been reviewed that how e-marketing can help company and what budget will be appropriate for the company to spend on marketing and development of e-marketing tools such as website development.

In the second phase, different actions have been identified that help to implement marketing plan in a right direction. For each marketing plan activity, an action is defined as per the time limit. The evaluation of the actions shall also be carried out from time to time.

In the last phase of the report, a brief theoretical control program has been discussed that will help to ensure the perfection of task Implementation.

In short, this whole task is related to Bliss Travels and the discussion is revolving around the developments of a powerful and attractive website to increase customers of the company. With the passage of time, if the demand increases then improvement and development in services supply will also be taken into consideration.

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