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Why is Referencing Important for Assignments ?

Assignments these days is a must and nearly every class requires that you make certain assignments in order for you to pass the course. Many students either fail their assignments or get very bad grades that could severely affect their academic career. These students don’t know what they did wrong in their assignments to receive such bad results. Students often forget or don’t follow the method of referencing their assignments.


Referencing is the process of mentioning the sources that you obtained your information from. Below are some of the important reasons that you should reference your assignment:

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  1. Source of information:

Referencing helps readers to identify the source of the information that you have written in your assignment so that if they want to read more about a particular topic then they can just by visiting the source of the information. Some readers like to expand their knowledge by doing heavy research and referencing can help them to do so.


  1. Verify information:

Another important reason to reference your assignments is that it helps readers verify the information that you have included in your assignment. It allows readers to know the concreteness of your content by looking into the source for facts and figures about the information.


  1. Academic requirement:

Many academic institutes require that you reference every piece of information that you include in your assignment. Many students fail to do so because their either forget or just don’t know how to do it which consequently leads to their assignments not being accepted or the students are failed.


  1. Support your argument:

When you reference your assignments, you are providing readers with additional information, facts, and figures that will help support the arguments in your assignment. Some readers will think that your argument is invalid but after they study the reference that you have mentioned, they will know that you were no doubt correct.


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  1. Appreciate the efforts of others:

Referencing your assignment helps appreciate and acknowledge the owner of the information and inform readers about the author. Imagine you worked hard and researched about a particular thing but then somebody uses your research work and gets all the credit, how would you feel? So it’s best that you appreciate others for their hard work as well.


  1. Show the depths of your research:

Referencing will let readers know how much hard work and effort you have put into making your assignments. Some teachers reward students with good grades just because of their hard work and extra efforts they put into the completion of the task.


  1. Avoid plagiarism:

Plagiarism means copy pasting the work of others and using them as your own. Plagiarism is also one of the major reasons that students get bad grades because many institutes strictly refrain students from plagiarizing the work of others. By referencing, you are letting the readers know the source of your information so that it does not count as plagiarism.



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