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Benefits of Recycling

Every day there are tons of waste materials produced by humans alone. Waste is the unwanted substances or products that are no longer useful in any way and, therefore, are discarded. The way these wastes are discarded can have a huge impact on the environment and the whole ecosystem. People tend to throw garbage anywhere they like and they don’t even think for even a second how it all could possibly damage the environment that they live in. Recycling is the process of converting waste into a useful and reusable form such as materials and substances.

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Recycling waste has a countless number of benefits not only for the environment but for us humans as well. Recycling waste helps to produce material that can be useful in the manufacturing of various other products. This helps to reduce the number of raw materials needed for manufacturing the product. For example, we all know that paper is made from trees. Each day thousands and thousands of trees are cut down to produce paper and other raw materials. If we recycled paper, it would take less number of trees required in the manufacturing process of paper because we are re-using it. In this way, we are conserving the natural resources such as trees and using a fewer amount of natural resources.


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The process of recycling also helps us to save loads and loads of energy. Let’s take the example of trees again. The trees are cut down using machines which use energy. They are then transported which also uses energy in the form of fuel and finally, are purified by the use energy-consuming machines. But if you recycle paper, it would only take a quarter of the energy it requires for extracting new raw materials. So as you can see that the process of recycling is more energy efficient than producing new raw materials. By saving energy, we will be reducing the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane that cause global warming, climate change, and air pollution, etc. Therefore, we can say that recycling helps to protect the environment.

We all know that money is an essential part of our lives. Without money, we cannot afford to buy food, clothing, and shelter. Basically, without money, it would be very difficult to survive in this world. When we save energy by recycling, we are also ultimately saving money as well.

Now you see why it is very important to recycle whatever we can because if we don’t then we are harming the environment that we live in. So basically, we are harming ourselves and our future generations by destroying the environment.

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