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Papers on Aging are interested in the physical, psychological, and social changes involved in the process of aging. Papers may explore biological changes, such as age-related illness or genetics, or biological theories of aging, and emotional and social implications.


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Athletic Fitness essays will explore concepts related to general fitness (what goes into a general state of health and well-being, both physically and psychologically), and specific fitness (ability to perform specific athletic tasks and functions).

Community Care papers will encompass those aspects related to the care of individuals by the community, and the humanitarian aim to maintain individuals in their own homes. Topics of interest include the assumptions behind this policy, the advantages and disadvantages, key objectives and reforms, and impact on the mentally disabled and elderly.

Papers on Drugs will cover a variety of themes, including substances such as tobacco, caffeine, medication, and illegal substances that bring about various physical or psychological changes, recent developments in pharmaceuticals and medicinal drugs, and holistic treatments.

Papers concerned with Medical Ethics will study moral values and judgments as applied to medicine, drawing on fields like philosophy and theology. Topics include bioethics, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, extreme situations such as euthanasia, and healthcare ethics.

Papers on Health Issues will explore all health-related issues at local and global levels. This includes global concern over the lack of public healthcare options, methods of maintaining good health, diet concerns, health education, and vaccines.

Medical Studies essays will take as its central theme the art and science of healing. This is a broad field and will cover aspects of healthcare, diagnosis procedures, medical technology, treatments and cures, and specializations like neurology or pediatrics.

Nursing (general): Papers will be interested in all aspects of nursing as a healthcare profession that is focused on the care of individuals and communities and the promotion of good health. Areas of study include nursing practices, the history of nursing, nursing theory, and regulations of practice.

Papers on Nursing Theories will evaluate and analyze those theories and methods used to assess and diagnose patient needs. Theories encompass diverse ethical and philosophical beliefs, and address a variety of goals and needs. Nursing models include psychiatric nursing and holistic nursing.

Pharmacy papers will be interested in how the pharmacy profession links the health and chemical sciences through the development and safe distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. Themes include the separate regulation of pharmacists and physicians, different types of pharmacies, and changes in pharmacy structure.

Essays on Public Health Issues look at the prevention of disease and possible health threats to public health through organized efforts. Issues are usually more interested in preventive rather than curative aspects of health, looking at health issues on a wider scale. Topics include issues in developed and developing issues, government funding, and family planning.

Women’s Health papers are interested in those specific health issues affecting women at all ages. Topics include proper nutrition and diet, breast cancer, menstruation and menopause, necessity of mammograms and pap smears, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and other health issues.

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