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Research Projects on Different Companies

When it comes to conducting proper in depth research on Australian or UK based companies than there are many aspects of academic writing that students need to consider. It’s not only the finding the most up to date facts and figures about that specific company or organization but it is important to make sure that the requirements are met accordingly.

To do so, not any average essay writer or content writer will be able to do a proper job on such projects. It is important that someone with good academic background and industry experience is hired who knows how to critically analyse the company or conduct a proper in-depth research on the organization. This is where Assignment Studio comes handy, all our academic writers have the relevant industry experience as well as they have great academic records. So writing term papers or helping out students with proper research projects, business plans, marketing plans, analysing case study assignments is not a big deal for our writers.


Professional Assignment Help on Companies

Over the years our team of academic writers have helped thousands of students with their university assignments, essays, case study help, dissertations, making professional presentations and pretty much everything. Our writers have made reports and solved case studies on majority of the companies that are popular in Australia and UK. Some assignments are made from the perspective of Human Resource for students who needed help with Human Resource Assignments. Similarly we have covered all other major fields like Marketing assignment help, management assignment help, IT assignment Help, Advertising Assignment Help, Nursing Assignment help for all those students who needed help in their respective domains.

Below we have included some of the most recent assignment samples that our writers have worked on. All these projects are custom made as per the assignment requirements, so if you want to download and make use of it, kindly do make sure it meets your task requirements and you make the required changes. In case if you like to order a custom made assignment from scratch feel free to get in touch through email or give us a call for immediate assignment help.


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Assignment Help on Analysis of McDonald’s

This research project was done based on the requirements provided to us. An overall fast food industry analysis in Australia is done, while keeping the focus on McDonalds. Overall industry overview is also included in this University Assignment Report, along with the situation analysis and industry trend.

If you need help with your fast food assignments, or any fast food chain operating in Australia like SUBWAY assignment Help or KFC assignment help than fill out the form or email your assignment details and will help you out.





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Research paper on Camel Milk Victoria

University Assignment prepared on the company known as Camel Milk Victoria, was an excellent job done by one of our academic writer. In this research report, SWOT analysis was done along with the overall analysis of the company, wheres it’s existing products were analysed along with the marketing objectives. Resources such as IBIS were used to fetch the actual and up to date data for this particular research task.


If you are stuck with your research assignment or any other term paper assignment and need immediate assignment help, all you have to do is simply give us a call or email your assignment details and one of our professional academic writer would love to assist you.



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Professional University Assignment on Corporate Social Responsibility of Toyota

Toyota is one of the most popular brand not only in Australia but worldwide, with Toyota one can only think of quality cars. When it comes to managing and operating such a large organisation, than it is important to address any issue that may be associated with it. With such large corporations, one of the key things associated is Corporate Social Responsibility. Many students are asked to write reports on Corporate Social Responsibility of different companies, what they are doing, what needs to be done and so on.

This CSR report on Toyota is prepared by one of our writers that covered all the aspects that are related to CSR. If you are asked to write research paper on CSR and need professional assignment help with your university assignments, than you are at the right place. Simply fill out the form or email us directly so we can assist you.


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Drive Yello – Research Assignment Help

This assignment was prepared on one of the new concept that was being introduced by the restaurant owners. This task basically provides an overview of what Drive Yello is, how it was formed, what was the creative concept behind it. It also covers the business model that is comprises of and most importantly its SWOT analysis. If you need help with your coursework assignments, or writing well formatted reports than reach us through email or message us on Whatsapp.






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ASOS – E Marketing Assignment Help

In today’s world of technology every company is making a proper and efficient use of digital media. With brands like IKEA, H&M, ZARA and other well known retail brand, E-Marketing is an important aspect. Here, one of our top writer has put in her best effort to compile this E-Marketing assignment / research paper based on the requirements provided by the student.

This E Marketing research paper is prepared on ASOS, (As Seen On Screen), that has been operating in online shopping industry. Conducting a proper research on this brand was not easy, as a lot of resources has to be gathered and than shortlisted based on the data they had. ASOS is a global fashion destination that sells over 80,000 brands. This was a major research project for one of our regular clients that needed excellent work on it. This research papers, covers the online shopping industry overview, its target audience, market segments along with situation analysis. This project is around 6000 words, with a lot of up to date facts and figures.


If you are after a similar quality research paper, or need my assignment help on similar brands and topics than call us on 1 800 794 425 or email your assignment details at

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Field report task on National Gallery of Victoria

On many occasions, students may be required to personally visit a specific place and write a report on it. This is something not every student has to do, however depending on the degree you are enrolled in, you are required to conduct a proper field analysis and writer paper on it.

National Gallery of Victoria, is one of the most popular places in Melbourne and is considered to be the largest art exhibition place in Victoria. For this research paper help, one of our writer actually visited the National Gallery of Victoria so that she can write quality paper as per the given requirements.


If you are asked to write a similar assignment, where you personally have to visit the place and write on it, but you simply don’t have time to do so, than you can hire one of our professional academic writer to conduct the research for you.


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Research Assignment help on Shoes of Prey

This report analyzes the opportunities and threats that will be faced by company named Shoes of Prey (SoP) planning to expand its product offerings to an Asian country. SoP being an Australian brand is a renowned international company around developed companies, which now is willing to increase market share and customer attractiveness. SoP is an international brand that started as an online store providing customers the option to customize shoes depending on personal choices. The quality of footwear and their delivery logistics department is quite strong that contributes towards a positive brand image. Therefore, entering into Singapore market will increase its customer base, targeting potential customers and then later entering into other Asian countries. The step to enter Singapore is the initial stage for capturing Asian market and creating strong brand image among Asians. The main focus of the report is discussing strengths and weaknesses of the parent company keeping in view other competitors, highlighting market segments and positioning strategy for the company in case of Singapore. Singapore is considered to be the most attractive market, looking at its growth perspective in terms of target segmentations and marketing mix for shoe industry. In order to do this, they need to conduct a research on the company performance on the basis of internal and external environmental analysis with the market potential of Shoes of Prey. After the analysis of industry, macro-environment and consumer analysis, one can decide if Singaporean market is feasible for SoP and then develop marketing and positioning strategy accordingly.


After a similar quality university assignment help, don’t have time to do it yourself? is the solution for your problem, email your assignment details and will help you out.

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My Assignment Help on HRM Failure of TOYOTA

When it comes to writing research papers related to HR, than students usually get stuck. As such assignments not only require analysis of the HR practices but also at the same time a lot of theoretical aspect has to be taken in to consideration.

This HRM failure assignment was prepared for a bachelor student, doing his majors in HR. Halfway through he got stuck with his university assignment and needed urgent assignment help with this task.

Toyota Company is considered to be one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the auto industry worldwide. In 2010, Toyota had to face several issues in its production and designing department that led it to recall around nine million of their vehicles due to faults in designing and mechanical failures. It became apparent that human resource department at Toyota had not been working efficiently due to which such problems manifested and resulted into manufacturing failures. Weak human resource practices caused the failures in Toyota Corporations including employee errors, ineffective rewards and recognition system, training processes, hiring procedures, performance management process, corporate culture failure, weak retention policies, absence of risk assessment and inappropriate leadership development programs. Toyota’s leaders knew about the mechanical failures way before releasing the automobiles in the market, yet no corrective action was taken to minimize the risk of failure. With such a strong training and development model, Toyota still faced various training and development issues that led to recall of several automobiles by Toyota in 2010. It is due to the huge gap between what is taught to people during training and development sessions and what they apply in a practical scenario. Toyota is recommended to redesign its human resource practices for achieving the organizational culture in which the workers are more dedicated towards adhering to principles that are mentioned in Toyota Way. Counseling, mentoring and coaching should be followed for effectively training and developing the human resource at Toyota. A system of open communication and quick circulation of the information can also allow the company to take corrective measures at the right time instead of camouflaging it.


If you are after a similar research paper help, or need help with your university essays, case studies, coursework, other assignments than simply give us a call or email your assignment details.

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Kelloggs Marketing Analysis Assignment Help

This assignment was prepared on Nutri-Grain cereal that is a well known product of Kelloggs. Proper marketing analysis was done for this on the brand, that covered level of competition in the CEREAL food market, along with PEST analysis and Target Market analysis for the brand.

Nutri-Grain is a brand of Kellogg’s Company in Northern Hemisphere. Especially in New Zealand and Australia, Nutri-Grain is a popular breakfast cereal that is made from wheat, corn and oats. The original Nutri-Grain breakfast in “block and hole” shape was marketed in Australia in 1976 and 1981 (Kellogg’s, 2016). The previous wheat breakfast cereal were made up of sugar and flakes. There were four types of cereal available at start including rye, barley, wheat and corn. The bars of Nutri-Grain became popular during 1990s in Australia while Nutri-Grain breakfast drinks were recently added into line of cereals in 2013.


If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or any other city of Australia and need Sydney Assignment Help, Melbourne Assignment Help or Assignment Help Australia with your marketing analysis tasks, or marketing reports than Assignment Studio is the company to get in touch with.

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LOREAL Assignment Help

One of the biggest brand in the world, a brand every female is aware of, that stands for its quality and excellent products. This assignment is a proper in depth task prepared on L’Oreal keeping the Vietnamese market in mind. L’Oreal is the leading cosmetic brand in the world with its presence in pretty much every single country. In this research task we have specifically taken Vietnamese market in mind, as that’s what was required.

My Assignment Help on L’Oreal

Vietnam cosmetic market is regarded as a potential market amongst Asian countries. The increase in cosmetic consumption I last four years is reported as average of 7 percent wit per consumer expense of $3 per annum on cosmetic products (Euromonitor 2014). Hence, this steady growth has attracted the global cosmetics and skin care brands like Unilever, P & G, L’Oreal, and Johnson & Johnson to Vietnam and generated a competitive landscape. Chemical Cosmetic Association Vietnam reported that over 430 leading local and foreign cosmetic companies are operated in the country, in which around 90 percent are known foreign brands. For this assignment, not only an analysis was done on L’Oreal but a proper PESTLE analysis, along with its SWOT Analysis, Consumer Behavior, market Trends and Brand Positioning was done.


So if you are in need of help with your SWOT analysis assignments, PESTEL analysis Assignments, Consumer Behavior Analysis, Market Trends Research Paper or Brand Positioning Assignments, than you know whom to contact.

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Term Paper Help on HUAWEI

Following  term paper is prepared on HUAWEI, that is a well known Chinese brand for mobile phones. Assignment Help on Huawei or similar companies is something that do professionally.

Of the 91 companies Chinese companies, Huawei is the only organization featured in the list of Fortune Global 500. According to available records, in 2005 Huawei’s earnings from foreign operations crossed its domestic earnings (Cremer & Tao, 2015). In 2012, Huawei’s revenue from sales and net profit were both more than Ericsson, which was the then leader within the telecommunication and network industry. By 2014 the company earned $46.5 billion from sales and $4.49 billion dollar net profit, both the highest ever (Cremer & Tao). Initially Huawei’s target market was countryside of China, as the company worked on the strategy of penetrating such areas first before moving into the cities (Business Today, 2009). Post achieving this end, the company forayed into the international market with operations in Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, Europe and Latin America (The Economist, 2012).


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