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Climate change drastically affecting our Planet

Climate change is one of the most threatening issues that our planet is facing as we speak. The climate in simple terms means the average weather pattern in an area. The long-term change of weather patterns all around the world is known as climate change. Climate change is significantly damaging our ecosystem and causing many harmful and devastating effects on humans, animals, plants, and the environment as well.

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The major causes of climate change are the greenhouse gases that also result in air pollution. Greenhouse gases are those gases that can trap the heat radiated from the sun. It consists of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide along with many other gases that are dangerous to the environment. These gases are mainly produced by human activities of the burning of fossil fuels in various applications like in power plants for producing energy, transportation services, and other human activities. Greenhouse gases can also be produced due to natural causes like volcanic eruptions and wildfires.

There are numerous effects that result from climate change and global warming is considered one of the most threatening of them. Global warming is the increase in the average surface temperature of the Earth. The greenhouses gases in the atmosphere trap the heat emitted from the sun and as a result, the temperature increases. This increase in temperature melts the glaciers located all around the world. About 98% of the water in the world is salty and the remaining 2% is fresh water. Out of this 2%, 90% of the fresh water is in the form of ice and glaciers. The melting of glaciers causes wastage of fresh water resources and also results in floods. These floods can cause further damage to human life and property, destroying food crops, loss of livestock and other loss. Climate change can also heavily disrupt the habitats of many animals which can cause a mass extinction of many animal species and consequently, it can harm the ecosystem of the planet.


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If we want to control and reduce the effects of climate change, then there are a number of steps that we ought to take. One of the main steps that we should take is to eliminate or at least reduce the sources of greenhouse gases. We can do this by abolishing the use of fossil fuels in ways like producing power using solar, water, or wind. Also, by conserving energy and the use of energy efficient means of transports can greatly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Planting more trees can also help play a role in reducing these gases as the trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and, therefore, decreases the amount of heat trapping carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, which will ultimately result in lower temperatures.


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