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Aspects Of Communication Skills

What is Communication ?

Communication is the act of conveying your thoughts, ideas, and messages to others. Communication can be established through actions such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and use of body language. Like when are reading an article about any topic, the author is trying to convey information to you in the form of writing and you are receiving the information as you read it. The skills required for achieving effective communication is called communication skills.


Communication can be in the form of verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication means conveying your message through speech whereas non-verbal communication means conveying your message without the use of speech such as body language, gestures, smile etc.

There are four main elements that make up the communication process. The first element is the sender or encoder of the message. The sender encodes his thoughts, ideas, and messages in the form speech, writing, body language, etc and sends it to the receiver.


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The next element is called the channel of communication. It is basically the medium through which the sender or encoder sends his message. For example, two people are talking to each other on the phone, so the medium of communication, in this case, would be the phone.

The third element is the receiver or decoder of the message or the person to whom the message is intended for. The receiver receives the message and decodes it so that he/she is able to understand what the message is trying to convey. Take an example of a person reading a newsletter. When the person is reading the newsletter, he is decoding it so that he can properly understand the message that is trying to convey.

The final element of the communication process is the feedback. Feedback is the response the sender receives after the receiver gets the message. Whenever someone receives a message, he also gives feedback in one way or another. For example, when a person is silent and does not want to talk to anyone. The body language of the person such as his facial expressions will tell others that he is in no mood to communicate.


There are four types of communication which are mentioned below:

  1. Intrapersonal communication:

Intrapersonal communication means communication with one’s self. When a person thinks, reason, analyze or relate it is known as intrapersonal communication. For example, when a person goes shopping and decides which shirt will suit him more. Even though the person is not communicating with anyone, he is thinking, which is a form of communication with one’s self and known as called intrapersonal communication.


  1. Interpersonal communication:

Communication between two or more people is called interpersonal communication. This type of communication is often used to help share information and solve problems between two or more people. For example, two people working in an office and sharing work information with each other so that both of them can do their work properly.


  1. Small group:

This type of communication takes place between a small group of people in order for them to share information, analyze problems, find solutions, and solve problems. Take an example of a group of people tasked with carrying out a project. The group members will communicate with each other to share ideas, find problems and solve them so that they will be able to complete the project.


  1. Public:

Public communication involves communication with large audiences. This type of communication aims to inform, persuade or entertain a large audience. For example, whenever a new smart phone is launched by a company, the company usually gives a presentation about the product in front of a large audience in order to inform them about the features and specifications of the new product. This is known as public communication.


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