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Network is defined as the network of computers, both public and private, that are connected together for data communication and different transactions in a business, industry or the government agencies. The networking is based on client-server architecture where clients are the individual PC users and the servers are the host computers that are linked together with the communication systems.

Network Security is the term given to all the set of activities undertaken by a network administrator to protect their network. It prevents the network from unauthorized and devious acts. These activities make the network and the data on it safe, reliable, usable. An effective network security system identifies all the network security issues and chooses the best set of tools to prevent them from entering and spreading in the network.

The various network security threats include- Viruses which are small computer programs that are designed to replicate themselves when triggered by some event, Torjan horse programs, worms, hacker attacks, spyware and adware, data theft and interception(changing the packets of data being transmitted), vandals that are software applications or applets designed to cause harm to the network etc.

Network security is a layered security process comprising of both hardware and software. If one layer of security fails others stand to prevent the network. The software must be periodically updated to protect the network from new threats. The various components of network security that work in conjugation to provide lesser maintenance and improved security are- Antivirus packages that prevent maximum virus threats if updated and maintained, Firewall to prevent unauthorized access to network, Virtual private networks(VPN) to create secure private network, encryption etc.

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