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.Net (pronounced as dot net) is a Microsoft operating system platform which in a vastly distributed environment of the internet simplifies application development and includes a collection of various services and tools.

In the past, there has been huge struggle between interoperability of languages, developers trying to learn various languages for different type of applications and no standards were followed for designing solution and modeling applications. Thus, a paradigm was needed where all the applications can work as a simple unit and can replicate code so as to provide common services. So, a programming model was built which caters needs like building of applications as reusable components which can be later shared over the internet, interoperability within the languages and applications that can be used as web services.


The main principles of .NET from user perspective are:

The personal information of the users can now be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

Instead of buying software’s in a store it can now be rented as a hosted service

.NET will connect the users to large number of services and computers that will exchange and merge objects and data instead of interacting with single application or website. In a nutshell, it will erase all the boundaries between the internet and the application

Newer ways will there for interaction with application data. E.g. Handwriting and speech recognition.

This new technology has done things that were never done before viz. integrating fax, phone and email services, centralizing all the data storage and automatically updating all of a user computing devices.

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