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C is a language meant for the programmers. It aids in creating instructions for the computer to follow. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1971 and has been built on the earlier B language to use with the UNIX operating system. By 1973, UNIX was almost completely written in C language. Because of the development of C, UNIX could be easily ported to new computers without translating the operating system and any programmer who learned the C language could make changes in UNIX with relative ease.

C is basically a compiled language; this means that after a program (which can be read by humans) has been written in C, it has to be run through a compiler so that the program can be executed. This executable form of the program can now be read by the machine. One of the main features of C is that it is a high level language that can be used for writing both simple as well as complex programs. C gives the programmer freedom to use make the programs concise and also utilize various variable and functional names. It provides flexibility, lends creativity and makes decision making easy. All said and done, a cause for concern are the errors associated with faulty word structuring while creating a program. A single error may stop the execution of the program. Usually with experience one realizes that the first error has to be corrected to make the program work.

Whenever you face any problem in using the C language, while creating or executing the different programs you can reach our experts who can help you the basics of the language in the simplest of ways. With their extensive knowledge and experience at handling all sorts of issues, they’ll surely solve your queries as well as guide you with your project reports, assignments; research and dissertation work as and when you need. Knowing the correct application of C language would help you grow in your profession and it will enable you to step up the ladder while deciding to move on to more complex languages like JAVA, C++ etc.

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