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The structure of a thesis is governed by logic and it has to be invariant with respect to subject. However the overall substance varies with subject, and its quality is determined by the technical knowledge on the subject and mastery of essentials exhibited by the student. Thesis Style has two components: language and layout.

There is no difference in the thesis for undergraduate or postgraduate, thesis is one of degree rather then kind. Both thesis share the same structure and layout, the difference only arise because of the substance and the emphasis placed on it.

Assignment Studio offers complete thesis help and thesis writing services for students who are seeking a myriad of degrees (usually at the Master’s level), including MA and MBA degrees. Out consultants specialize in customizing our services for our clients, in order to help them receive approval quickly and efficiently.


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Our Thesis help general overview is below:

Personal consulting on your Project: At Assignment Studio its team of professionals offer personal consultations to gain an in depth understanding of your university’s requirements along with your personal goals for your Thesis. We make sure that our team offer personal attention ensuring that you receive approval as efficiently as possible.

Customised assistance based on your needs: On majority of the occasions, our clients come to us with a complete thesis and usually need help revising the work based on the comments they received. In such cases, our consultants carefully go through the comments and make a plan to optimally and completely address every change your advisor may have requested.

Focus on your Methodology: For any well-written thesis project, its methodology part is of utmost importance, whether it’s qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods, since that is the foundation of your study.

Along with Methodology, there are several other parts of Thesis that are as important as any other part. Such as, assistance with literature review, qualitative or quantitative data analysis, discussion section helps along with editing and presentation of it.






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